Welcome to Sasquan, celebrating the best works and creators in the speculative fiction field and culture. Hundreds of authors, editors, publishers, artists, scientists, game designers, and others will participate in the convention.

For help with the schedule and the online signup function, see http://www.sasquan.org/schedule

Information that changed after 7/31 (when the printed guide went to the printers) is marked with [[double brackets]].

Overview & Code of Conduct

Greetings from the Chair

Greetings and Welcome to Sasquan!

All the staff and I are happy that you have made the trek to beautiful Spokane. We are working on making this an experience that you will remember for years.

Inside this book is most everything that you need to know about Sasquan. There are policies so that you know what is expected. There are lists of where everything in the Convention Center and Hotels are located. By everything I mean items such as:

So please take a few minutes to look through this book. Then go out and have a wonderful exciting and informative time.

Sally Woehrle
Sasquan Chair

Accessing Online Schedule/Mobile App

For a frequently-updated version of the convention schedule, check https://sites.grenadine.co/sites/sasquan/en

The mobile app for this Convention Guide is in the app stores; the access code is SASQUAN (it is not case sensitive)





First Step For Attending Sasquan—Registration

Go to Hall D/Riverside Lobby of the Convention Center and pick up your badge (if you’re pre-registered) or buy a membership (if you’re not). Bring a photo ID—it’ll make picking up your badge faster.



Love ’em, wear ’em, keep ’em as a memory of this great event.

…annnnd they have a purpose beyond collectability. You’ll need your badge to get into all events of the convention, including the Art Show, Dealers’ Room, Masquerade, panels….well, you get the picture. Wear it securely and visibly (i.e. not covered up by costuming) at all times while at the convention, which will have badge- checkers at the entrance to many functions at the con. Note that if you lose it, you’ll have to buy a new one; if your original badge is found or turned in, you’ll receive a refund. Your badge says to everyone attending—“I support Worldcon! Without all the attendees and supporters, plus the many volunteers and staff, Worldcon would not exist. It also lets the larger community of Spokane know that you are part of one of the largest, if not the largest convention, ever put on in this city.

Lost Badges

Check at Registration, CC Hall D, see if your badge has been turned in. If it hasn’t, you will need to buy a new one. Your cost will be refunded if you find your original badge or if it gets turned in.

Lost and Found

During the day (between 9am and 6pm), bring lost items to or ask about missing items at the Convention Office in CC 102.

At night (between 6pm and 9am), bring lost items to or ask about missing items at Convention Operations in Parkside 1, 3rd floor, DBT.


While Sasquan is a visitor to Spokane, we’ve found local organizations to be extremely helpful.

We’re particularly grateful to the Spokane Public Library for the many ways they’ve supported us this year—loaning the 3-D printer, the Legos, toys, and for hosting the Tuesday Welcome reception. They’re just down the street at 906 West Main Ave.

Auntie’s kindly hosted a June publicity meeting and is a cool independent bookstore less than 2 blocks away at 402 W. Main Ave.

Thanks also to the Spokane Astronomical Society for lending a hand with the Star Party.

Next Year—in Kansas City Missouri!

The Worldcon moves to another city very year, and next year it will be in Kansas City from August 17-21. MidAmeriCon II's guests will be Kinuko Y. Craft, Patrick and Teresa Nielsen Hayden, Tamora Pierce, Michael Swanwick and Pat Cadigan. Visit the MidAmeriCon II website at http://www.midamericon2.org for all the details.

Convention Overview

To help Sasquan run smoothly:


The favorite two syllables of fans these days! Availability:

In addition, free WiFi is available in Riverfront Park and Riverpark Square shopping mall (downtown Spokane), and numerous other locations as noted here:


Please avoid streaming music or video; remember, you’re sharing the WiFi with every other Sasquan user in the Convention Center. For those with paid data plans, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint are the major regional carriers.

Code of Conduct

Sasquan strives to provide a safe, hospitable, harassment-free convention experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, marital status, physical or mental ability or disability, physical appearance, coloration, physical attributes, age, body size, body shape, race, ethnicity, citizenship status, employment, socioeconomic status, familial status, military or veteran status, achievements, national origin, ancestry, worldview, political party preference, political belief, political affiliation, creed, or religion (or lack thereof). The purpose of this policy is to deter harassment and harmful conduct and lay out the consequences of such actions.

We expect all attendees, participants, guests, members, volunteers, and staff to act responsibly, courteously and considerately, and to follow this code of conduct during the convention, convention-related events, and convention staff meetings. We further expect all staff to follow this code during all staff interactions, virtual or in-person.

Reasonable and objective examination of beliefs, including critical commentary on another person’s views, does not by itself constitute harassment. One of the underlying rationales of this policy is to promote—not inhibit—discussion and free exchanges of ideas between persons of differing views. Furthermore, the responsibility for settling interpersonal disputes lies solely with the individuals involved. Harassment, however, is something that is the responsibility of everyone, including Sasquan, to address, and it will not be tolerated.


To report an incident of harassment, or to ask questions about policy or specific, contact the Operations division.

During the convention, you may report an incident by

Anyone witnessing what they believe to be a violation of this policy is encouraged to report it to Convention Operations who will follow up on reports at their discretion.

The Operations division is tasked with responding and taking action regarding incidents of harassment and other issues that might interfere with the convention or the safety of attendees. After an issue has been reported, Operations will communicate updates and actions taken to parties involved in the issue, as outlined in more detail below.

Please note that we only commit to responding to issues which are reported directly to the convention. Complaints reported to various blogs, mailing lists, or other third-party channels may not be seen or acknowledged. Also note that Sasquan’s Marketing division, including social media, will not discuss specific issues that may involve confidential or personal information; they will simply refer any issues they become aware of on to Operations.


No touching or photographing other people without their consent to the extent possible by your surroundings. We do not expect photographers to chase down people who may wander into their shot of another person or who are standing in the background. However, we do expect photographers to ask permission before photographing that really neat person in a costume. Being in costume does not imply consent for photographing.


Sasquan members and convention staff have the right to be free from unwanted harassment at the convention and while performing convention-related duties throughout the year. Harassment is behavior which focuses unwelcome attention on a person and either inappropriately crosses reasonable expectations of social boundaries, or continues after a clear showing of disinterest or a request to desist. The following list of behaviors and rules is intended to be a guide and is not an exhaustive list of all possible forms of harassment.

No touching other people without consent. This includes glomping, hugging, kissing, fondling, and hands on knees, backs, shoulders, and hair—ask first! The fact that someone is in costume does not imply consent for touching—ask first! Do not assume that physical contact will be welcome or appreciated. Some folks do not like to be touched and will respect and like you more if you respect their personal space. You are encouraged to ask for unequivocal consent for all activities.

Other behaviors that constitutes harassment include:

Harassment might also involve assault. Assault is a very serious crime, and any report of such will be immediately reported to law enforcement.

Convention Procedures

Persons asked to stop any harmful conduct or harassing behavior are expected to comply immediately. The exact remedy for harmful conduct or harassing conduct will depend on an evaluation of all relevant circumstances, such as the severity of the conduct and prior violations by the person engaging in prohibited conduct. Anyone violating this policy may be expelled from the meeting, event, or convention without a refund at the discretion of the convention organizers.

If you are being harassed, notice that someone else is being harassed or engaging in harmful conduct, or have any other concerns, please contact a member of convention staff or convention security immediately. Convention staff can be identified by special badges.

Convention staff or security will be happy to help participants contact hotel/venue security or local law enforcement, provide escorts, or otherwise assist those experiencing harassment to feel safe for the duration of the convention. Any staff member wearing a convention badge may receive a report of harassment, and it is each staff member’s responsibility to treat a person making such a report with respect. Convention staff are also required to report all incidents brought to their attention. These incidents should be reported to convention security as soon as possible but no later than 4 hours after reported.

Upon receipt of a harassment report, convention security will develop a full report of the incident. This development will include interviews with all participants and any witnesses. This report shall be completed as soon as possible after the report is made but no later than 24 hours after the report is made.

Upon completion of their report, convention security shall forward their report to the Chair of the Convention who shall, upon evaluating the totality of the circumstances, decide upon the appropriate disciplinary action. As noted above, disciplinary action may include a verbal warning or even expulsion from the event.


Marijuana is legal in the State of Washington; however, it is still prohibited by federal law. Public consumption of marijuana products is still illegal under the new Washington State law. Therefore, marijuana use is not permitted in any convention space including open parties and parties on the party floor. For more information regarding the new regulations and law, please refer to the Washington State Liquor Control Board page on the matter.

Weapons Policy

No weapons whether edged or projectile firing or replicas (weapon props) thereof may be carried in any part of the convention center unless they have been peace-bonded by the Convention staff in Operations. This may be checked by the Operations team from time to time during the convention. Real firearms are not allowed in the convention area at any time. Light emitting Laser devices are not permitted in the convention area unless being used in a program to point items out as part of the Program item. The convention reserves the right to decide what constitutes a weapon/weapon prop depending on the attendee’s use of the article. Operations shift supervisors will have final say on what constitutes a weapon or weapon prop.

Anyone found carrying a non-peace-bonded weapon or weapon prop will be asked to return it to their room.

Prop Weapons During the Masquerade

The Masquerade Director must approve the use of a weapons prop during the Masquerade. If you wish to use live steel or real non-firearm weapons (e.g. whips), you will need to also notify Operations staff. Weapon props (or real weapons) for the Masquerade must be wrapped when being transported to and from the Masquerade. The Masquerade Director must be informed in advance of any weapons props or real weapons being used. In the case of real weapons, which may not include firearms of any sort, an Operations supervisor will attend the pre-Masquerade meeting to ensure that all safety precautions are being adhered to by those who will be wielding those weapons.


Weapons and weapon props sold in the Dealers’ room must be wrapped by the dealer and taken away by the purchaser and not unwrapped until off site, in the buyer’s hotel room or in the Operations room if the purchaser wishes to peace-bond the weapon or weapon prop. Please remember that no firearms will be peace-bonded and take them away wrapped. Dealers must make customers aware of the need to keep weapons wrapped until they have been approved and peace-bonded by the Operations team.

And, while it is true that more people see weapons about on the streets in the US, it is also true that a great many fans find the display and use of these intimidating. This policy is basically intended to ensure members feel that their safety is being taken into account.


The Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 70.160 (a.k.a. “The law”) ensures that all public places and places of employment are smoke free; business owners must post “No Smoking Signs on all entrances to the premise, and ensure that no patrons are smoking within 25 feet of any door, window, or exit. Therefore, smoking is not allowed in any of the convention indoor venues, and smokers must respect the 25 foot restriction when outdoors.



Sasquan’s primary venue is the Spokane Convention Center (CC). Events, Program, Exhibits and Offices are all here.

Adjacent to the Spokane Convention Center is the DoubleTree (DBT); it’s located at the Exhibit Hall end of the Convention Center. The DoubleTree has daytime activities like SpoCon Presents, Gaming, the Teen Lounge and some small Program items & Meetups on the first floor. Convention Operations, Childcare and the Con Suite upstairs in the hotel. The DoubleTree also has evening activities like Filking & Anime.

While the brand new Grand Hotel does not have any official convention functions, Sasquan has many members staying there and there are excellent bars and restaurants. 47North/Amazon is sponsoring a an open reception there on Saturday afternoon at 3:30 in the Cedar Ballroom.

Riverfront Park is out the back doors of the Convention Center and will be home to First Night, a Star Party, and Stroll with the Stars. If you are staying in a Red Lion Hotel, crossing Riverfront Park is the fastest way to get to Sasquan.

The Davenport (DAV) is a few blocks away and has open evening parties, the evening Fanzine Lounge and Dances.

All of the venues, as well as the Red Lions and the Rubys, are nearby. Spokane is a very flat, shady, walkable city with a straightforward checkerboard street layout.

Convention Shuttle Service

There will be 24 hour shuttle service between the convention center and the Davenport (as well as the 2 Red Lions, the Grand, & the DoubleTree).  We are targeting a 15–20 minute wait for most times, less for critical times on Friday & Saturday, and 45 minutes during the wee hours.

STOP 1—Spokane Convention Center/ Grand Hotel (Pull-in at the INB Performing Arts Center / Convention Center near the Breezeway, across the street from the Grand Hotel)

STOP 2—DoubleTree / East Convention Center (South side of the DoubleTree, to the left of the hotel front entrance)

STOP 3—Red Lion Hotel at the Park (front entrance)

STOP 4—Red Lion River Inn (Street side front entrance)

STOP 5—Davenport Hotel (Post Street entrance of the Historic Hotel); Ruby Hotel on First is around the corner and the River Park Square mall is 2 blocks away.

Currently we are considering multiple routes in order to make the most efficient use of the shuttles, so not all shuttles will go to all of these stops.  Yes, we will clearly mark the shuttles as to which routes they cover.

There is also inexpensive bus service all over downtown Spokane.

If, for some reason, the shuttle timing doesn’t work for you, it’s only about $5 for a taxi from the Red Lion at the Park to the historic Davenport area, and most of the other hotels are closer together and would be less. Uber is also available in Spokane.

Functions, Hours and Rooms

Quick reference to all of the functions at Sasquan, when they’re open where you’ll find them. See the schedule for detailed information.

Item Weds Thurs Fri Sat Sun
Events (Main) CC Opening Ceremony
3–4pm, CC Integra Ballroom 100B

First Night
4pm–8pm, Riverfront Park

God Is an Iron
8:30, CC Integra Ballroom 100B
8pm CC INB Performing Arts Center
Hugo Awards
8pm, CC INB Performing Arts Center
Closing Ceremony
3–4pm, CC Integra Ballroom 100B
CC 300A
Ceili Dance
DAV Marie Antoinette;
Regency in Hall of Doges
  200 Years -1

Girl Genius
Friday Night Fusion Dance 10pm–2am Regency Dance

200 Years -2

Time Travel
DBT Salon I
6pm–Thur 6am 6pm–Fri 6am 6pm–Sat 6am 6pm–Sun 6am  
Audio Theater
CC 203
2pm–8pm 10am–9pm 10am–7pm 10am–6pm 10am– 12:30pm
DBT Salon I
2pm–5pm 10am–1pm 10am–1pm 10am–1pm 10am–1pm
Film Festival
CC 205
2pm–11pm 9:30am– 10pm 10am–10pm 10am– 10:30pm 10am–2pm
CC Halls ABC
2pm–10pm 10am–10pm 10am–10pm 10am–10pm 10am–3pm
CC Hall A
noon–6pm 10am–6pm 10am–6pm 10am–6pm [[10am-3pm]]
Art Show
CC Hall A
1pm–6pm 10am–6pm 10am–6pm 10am–noon  
Art Sales
CC Hall A
      3pm–6pm 10am–3pm
Print Shop
CC Hall A
1pm–6pm 10am–6pm 10am–6pm 10am–noon 3pm–6pm 10am–3pm
Guinan’s Place
CC Hall C
2pm–10pm noon–10pm noon–10pm noon–10pm noon–3pm
Fanzine Lounge Days
CC Hall C
10am–6pm 10am–6pm 10am–6pm 10am–6pm 10am–3pm
Fanzine Lounge Nights DAV 819 8pm–late 8pm–late 8pm–late 8pm–late  
CC 2nd flr
1:30pm–10pm 9:30am–10pm 9:30am–10pm 9:30am–10pm 9:30am–1:30pm
Site Selection CC Hall B 2–6pm 10am–6pm 10am–6pm    
Member Services
DBT 12th floor
1pm–6pm 9:30am–6pm 9:30am–midnight 9:30am–midnight 9:30am–3pm
Con Suite
DBT 1502
Open 24 hours starting 3pm Wed. Open 24 hours Open 24 hours Open 24 hours Closes 3pm
CC Hall D
9am–7pm 9am–7pm  9am–7pm 9am–7pm 9am–8pm
CC Hall D
9am–7pm 9am–7pm 9am–7pm 9am–7pm 9am–1pm
Program Participant Check-in
CC Hall D
9:30am–6pm 9:30am–4pm 402AB
Masquerade Registration
CC Hall D
9am–6pm 9am–6pm 9am–noon    
Info Desk
CC Hall D
3–8pm 9am–7pm 9am–7pm 9am–7pm 9am–7pm
CC Hall D
9am–7pm 9am–7pm 9am–7pm 9am–7pm 9am–7pm
Bag Check
CC 401C
12pm—8pm 9:30am–8pm 9:30am–8pm 9:30am–8pm 9:30am–5pm
Nursing Moms
CC Hall C
2pm–10pm 10am–10pm 10am–10pm 10am–10pm 10am–3pm
Quiet Room
CC 101
noon–10pm 10am–10pm 10am–10pm 10am–10pm 10am–10pm
Con Office
CC 102
9am–6pm 9am–6pm 9am–6pm 9am–6pm 9am–6pm
Con Ops
DBT 3rd floor Parkside 1
6pm–9am 6pm–9am 6pm–9am 6pm–9am 6pm–9am
noon–10pm 10am–10pm 10am–10pm 10am–10pm 10am–3pm
CC 202C
  10am–6pm 10am–6pm 10am–6pm 10am–3pm
CC Hall C
noon–3pm 10am–6pm 10am–6pm 10am–5pm 10am–1pm
CC 206BCD, 207
12–4pm 10am–noon
CC 110
  2pm–6pm 2pm–6pm 2pm–6pm 1:30pm–3pm
Filk Circles after 7
DBT Spokane Falls C&D
Poker Chip Bardic, DBT Shades
Poker Chip Bardic, DBT Shades
Poker Chip Bardic, DBT Shades
Poker Chip Bardic, DBT Shades
Dead Sasquatch DBT Spokane Falls C, 7
DBT Salon V
3pm– Organized game play: 9am–9pm Organized game play: 9am–9pm Organized game play: 9am–9pm Organized game play: 9am–4pm
Kaffee Klatches
CC 202A/B
  10am–6pm 10am–6pm 10am–6pm 10am–3pm
Literary Beer
CC Hall C
  noon–8pm noon–8pm noon–8pm noon–3pm
Pub Crawl
CC Breezeway
  7pm–9pm 7pm–9pm    
SpoCon Presents
DBT Salons III & IV
2pm–11pm 10am–8pm 10am–late 9am–9pm 10am–2pm
Stroll with the Stars
CC Breezeway
  9am–10am 9am–10am 9am–10am 9am–10am
Writers Workshops
CC 201A, B
  10am–7pm 10am–7pm 10am–7pm 10am–4pm

Kaffee Klatches, Literary Beers and Pub Crawls all require advance sign-up; check at the Information Booth to see if any slots are available. The Writers Workshops were closed to new people in June.

Rooms and Functions

All of the function rooms Sasquan is using and what you’ll find in each of them.


Spokane Convention Center (CC)

Room Function
INB Performing Arts Center Events—Masquerade & Hugos
Integra Telecom Ballroom 100A Special Autographing, Masquerade Green Room, Tech
Integra Telecom Ballroom 100B Second Stage—Events & Large Program
101 Quiet Room
102 Convention Office
103 Press Office
201A, 201B Writers Workshops
201C, 202C Workshops/Demos
202A, 202B Kaffee Klatches
203 Audio Theater
205 Film Festival
206A Program
206BCD, 207 Children’s Program
Conference Theater 110 Concerts, Program
Bays 111A, B, C Program
300A Dances, Program
300B WSFS, SFWA Meetings, Program
300C, 300D, 302AB, 303A, 304, 401C Program
301, 303A Readings
401AB Green Room
401C Bag Check Room
402AB Program Ops, Events Ops
Hall A Art Show/Print Shop, Artists/Authors Alley
Dealers Room
Hall B Autographs, Fan Exhibits, Site Selection
Hall C Guinan’s Place: Cabaret, Watering Hole & Bar, Literary Beer, Maker/3-D Printing, Worldcon History, Fanzine Lounge (until 6pm)
Hall D (Riverside Lobby) Registration, Information/Volunteers, Accessibility, Masquerade Registration, Program Participant Check-in
External to Convention Center  
Breezeway/Anderson statue (between Convention Center and INB Theater) Meeting spot for Stroll with the Stars, Pub Crawls, Bloodmobile (Wed)

For complete Exhibit, Artist & Dealer lists, see "Events, Exhibits, Program & Services" in this application

Rooms and Functions in the DoubleTree Hotel

Room Name Usage
Grand Ballroom: Salon I Cartoons (9am–6pm); Anime (6pm–6am)
Grand Ballroom: Salon II Teen Lounge
Grand Ballroom: Salon III & IV SpoCon Presents
Grand Ballroom: Salon V Table Gaming
Shades Conference Room Filk Circles (after 7pm)
Spokane Falls Suite A/B Program
Spokane Falls Suite C & D Meetups/Small Program Filk Circle (after 7pm)
Parkside 1, 3rd floor Convention Operations
12th floor Childcare
15th floor/Presidential Suite Consuite

Rooms and Functions in the Historic Davenport Hotel

Room Name Usage
Hall of the Doges Regency Dance
Marie Antoinette Ballroom Dances
Suite 819 Nighttime Fanzine Lounge (after 8pm)

Riverfront Park—First Night Areas

Location Usage
Lilac Bowl Concerts
Meadow Activities/Games
Forestry Shelter Food/Drink
King Cole Footbridge Star Party

Events, Exhibits, Program, Services


Hugo Awards Ceremony—INB Performing Arts Center

The 2015 Hugo Awards ceremony promises to be one of the most memorable in years. Come be a part of history on Saturday, August 22, at 8 p.m. in the INB Performing Arts Center. Your Masters of Ceremony will be Sasquan Guest of Honor David Gerrold and Tananarive Due, who have promised an entertaining ceremony.. There will be overflow seating in Integra Ballroom 100B and in Guinan’s Place in Hall C.  We encourage those with small children to use Guinan’s as your spot as that venue is more flexible and may be more comfortable for families. 

Not at Sasquan? Follow the Hugo Awards Ceremony via UStream and/or Twitter during the ceremony:

We are bookending the 2015 Hugo Awards with “The Road to the Hugos,”—a livestreamed Internet pre-and-post Hugo broadcast featuring hosts Stephen Schapansky and WarrenFrey of Radio Free Skaro. It will start one hour before and end one half hour after the 2015 Hugo Awards Ceremony. 

If all goes to plan, Sasquan will feature the first Worldcon guest who is literally out of this world – Special Guest Dr. Kjell Lindgren, launched successfully to the International Space Station on July 22, and will be presenting from 200 miles high at 17,500 miles per hour. 

Masquerade—INB Performing Arts Center

The Worldcon Masquerade is a judged costuming competition and stage show. Entrants are separated into division based on the costuming skill levels of the participants and judged by a panel (including some of our Guests of Honor and experienced costumers). Always a very popular highlight of any Worldcon, this event will be held in the INB Performing Arts Center theatre on Friday, Aug. 21 at 8pm. There will be overflow seating in Integra Ballroom 100B and in Guinan’s Place in Hall C.  We encourage those with small children to use Guinan’s as your spot as that venue is more flexible and may be more comfortable for families. 

The Masquerade Halftime show will feature filk Guest of Honor Tom Smith, and the Master of Ceremonies for the evening will be Kevin Roche. We’re looking forward to a great Masquerade, with a special category based on Guest of Honor David Gerrold’s books and stories. Come join us—we’ll have a blast!

Opening Ceremonies—Integra Telecom Ballroom 100B

This is a celebration of the Great Northwest and how history, science fiction, and fantasy overlap. Meet our wonderful Guests and get a taste of things to come. We are thrilled to have local a Native American Storyteller to welcome us all to a great convention.

First Night—Riverfront Park

First Night is your chance to get a taste of the convention, a look at our host city, and a stroll through the park. We’ll start right after Opening Ceremonies on Wednesday. Meet and greet your fellow members of Sasquan. Take in a bit of Spokane. Music, laughter, fandom, fun, and food trucks. And don’t be too surprised to see a parade or a hula hoop. We’re not expecting an alien invasion, but you never know. Stranger things have happened, perhaps even…apocalyptic things….

Radio Plays—Girl Genius

Kaja and Phil Foglio are bringing us two fun and fantastic Girl Genius Radio Plays on Wednesday. Family Friendly and sure to keep you laughing!

Keith and Alan’s Movie News and Previews: Trailer Park!

Why sit through a panel of what are, essentially, commercials? Because we are so much more than that! Trailers, movie news and rumors from Hollywood and beyond. We also highlight the latest trends, innovations, and challenges for the industry and also the wider entertainment culture: TV shows, home video, theme parks—the whole gamut!

Play—“God Is an Iron”—Integra Telecom Ballroom 100B

“God is an Iron” is a faithful adaptation of Spider Robinson’s short story of the same name published in 1979. The opening line is enough to tell what story we’re talking about: “I smelled her before I saw her. It’s the story of Karen; a young woman and a “wirehead” at the very end of her rope; and of Joe, the mysterious man who discovers her and puts her back together. It becomes clear, however, that they are both broken in their own ways and that, while he saves her life directly, she may be saving his as well. Note that this story has some disturbing elements to it and it is not for children.

Closing Ceremonies—Integra Telecom Ballroom 100B

Say farewell to Spokane and hello to Kansas City by reflecting on this Worldcon and looking forward to next year. Our closing ceremony will cap off a great convention in a great city in a great year of SF and Fantasy. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

Balls and Dances—CC 300A & DAV Marie Antoinette & Hall of Doges

Nightly balls, tea dances, classes in classic Terpsichore—dance events will abound at Sasquan!

The WorldProm, Nanny Ogg (Discworld) and Ceili will be in CC 300A, a brand new ballroom with excellent lighting and sound.

The Social Dance Odysseys, Girl Genius Ball and Friday night Fusion will be in the Davenport’s Marie Antoinette, a traditional ballroom with a built-in wooden dance floor.

The Regency will be in the Hall of Doges, a fanciful spot decorated in the manner of the royalty of Venice.

Anime & Cartoons—DBT Grand Ballroom Salon I

Cartoons from an extensive personal collection will run three hours each day at Sasquan, featuring works from Disney, Warner Bros., Terrytoons, UPA, Universal/Lantz and other classic animators. 

Immerse yourself in anime! From the current hits to the shows we all know and love, the anime department will be sure to have you coming back for more. Days will be themed from Comedy to Classics, Paranormal to Fantasy, and a healthy dose of science fiction on top, you’ll be sure to walk into an anime that fits your style at any time.

Audio Theater—CC 203

Blast off for adventure on a galactic scale with Space Casey and Brad Lansky! Let Hammer Horror make your spine tingle! Unravel mysteries with Ruby the Galactic Gumshoe, or just have Firesign Theatre explain the cosmos to you! And in the true spirit of radio programs of yore, the Incomparable Radio Theater of the Air will be on hand to present a live audio drama.

Film Festival—CC 205

Sasquan Film Festival will be screening films in the Spokane convention center. The best in Science Fiction and Fantasy, Horror, Animation, Fan and Documentary films will be shown. Highlights include the screening of the documentary, Lakeside: A Year with Jay Lake, horror shorts based on the writings of H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe. Also, international animation shorts and more.


We are using all of the exhibit halls so most of the walls between the exhibit halls will be open. As a result, it’s a little tricky to easily distinguish which hall an exhibit/convention function is in. We’ve created a grid system for this map to more easily help you locate items as well as listing the approximate hall each item is in. Extensive signage will also be available to guide you to the item you area seeking. 


Hall A/B: home of the Art Show, Artist/Author Alley, Dealers Room and Site Selection

Hall B: Autographing sessions, LEGOs play area. There will be exhibits of fan interest (including the Discworld exhibit), which will feature guided tours, the Guest of Honor exhibit, various exhibits of photography, the Craft Corner and conversation areas, the Maker Space (with 3-D printing demonstrations), fossils from the Stonerose Interpretive Center & Eocene Fossil Site and fan tables.

Hall C: Looking for a fun spot to hang out? Guinan’s Place: Cabaret, Watering Hole & Bar (more on that later) is here to fill that need! Other activities in Hall C include Literary Beers, the Costume Exhibit, the Fanzine Lounge (aka “The Lost World Fanzine Lounge”), and, on Saturday, Super Science Saturday (with Mobius Children’s Science Museum to provide hands-on fun activities for kids of all ages).

Hall D (Riverside Lobby): the all-important Registration area, plus Information Desk, Accessibility Information, Volunteers, Masquerade Registration, Program Participant Check-in and Message Boards.

Area or Exhibit

Exhibit Hall

Map Code


Hall D 


Art Show

Hall A 


Art Show Office

Hall A


Artists/Authors Alley

Hall A 



Hall B 


Costume Exhibit

Hall C 


Costume Repair

Hall B 


Craft Area

Hall B 



Hall A 



Hall B 


Exhibits Office

Hall A


Fan History

Hall B


Fan Photo Gallery

Hall B


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FIRST Robotics: Kids and Robotics

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Messages to Orbit

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Artists Exhibiting in the Art Show

Sandra Ackley
Durlyn Alexander
John Alexander
Aubry Andersen
Marla Baer-Peckham
Kim Beaton
Eskild Beck
Alan Beck
Mark Bondurant
Jo Brown
Michael Brugger
Gretchen Brummer
Rob Carlos
Eden Celeste
Mark Chapman
Peri Charlifu
Sarah Clemens
Daniel Cortopassi
Deborah Cross
Loren Damewood
Joseph (Joe) DeVito
Julie Dillon
John Douglass
Nancy Edwards
Michele Ellington
Lynne Fahnestalk
Sara Felix
Jeff Fennel
Mark Ferrari
Joleen Flasher
Phil Foglio
Brad Foster
Dianne Gardner
Shaenon Garrity
John R. Gray III
Actaphasia Grey
Theresa Halbert
Vandy Hall
M. Scott Hammond
Richard Hescox
Debbie Hoover
Bobbie Hull
Angela Jones
Kathrin Jones
Bob Keck
Miriam Keith
Sophie SoMK Klesen
Cheyenna Krone
Jessica TC Lee
L. Pierce Ludke
Richard Man
Theresa Mather
Jerry Minor
Ania Mohrbacher
Peter Mohrbacher
Betsy Mott
Lee Moyer
Leslie Newcomer
Goldeen Ogawa
Margaret Organ-Kean
Carole Parker
Judy Peterson
John Picacio
Theora Rice
Arlin Robins
Mark Roland
Ralph J. Ryan
Spring Schoenhuth
Maurine Starkey
Brandy Stark
John (Jack) A. Stelnicki
Ezra Stewart
Jeff Sturgeon
Jay Swanson
Sandy Tomezik
Kendra Tornheim
Margaret Trauth
Tammy Tripp
Wendy Van Camp
Andy VanOverberghe
Vincent Villafranca
Paulin Walsh
Tomi Welch

Dealers’ Room—Vendors

A Little of This (A)
Accessories of Fae (A)
Accursed Dragon (C) (G)
Angelwear Creations (J)
Angry Robot (B)
Audiobooks by Skyboat (B)
Auntie’s Books and Uncle’s Games (B)
Awesome Anime (G) (J)
b coole designs (T)
Baron’s Beauties (T)
Book Universe, Inc. (B)
Burr’s Books (B)
Cargo Cult Books & Notions (B)
Cast In Stone Pewterworks LLC (G)
Chronos gifts (G) (J)
Cordochorea Creations (J)
Cross Genre Books (B)
Crowgirl Studio (A)
Crystal Dreams (J)
Crystal’s Idyll (T)
Dammit Tees (T)
Damsel in this Dress (T)
Dani Hoots (B) (G)
Darkstars Creation (A) (J)
Darlene P. Coltrain (T) (J)
David Gerrold (B)
David R. Freeland, Jr Designs (J)
DragonStorm Sports (T) (G)
Drawing the Dragon—April Adams (B)
DRIVE: The SciFi Comic (C)
DSP Publications (B)
EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing (B)
Epifiction (B)
Eye-Deas Fantasy Cat Art (A)
Fae Built Inc (T) (J)
Fairwood Press (B)
Fantaminals (A)
Friends of Filk (G)
Games Plus (G)
Gaukler Medieval Wares (J)
Girl Genius (C)
Elizabeth Guizzetti (B)
Gypsy Troll (T)
Haikasoru (B) (C)
Heartwood Auctions (B)
Henry the Buttonsmith (G)
Instant Attitudes (T)
Jewels by Olivia (J)
Jupiter Mining Company (B) (C) (G)
KEL-A Unique Art (J)
KeypersCove (J)
Larry Smith, Bookseller (B)
Lioness Ornament (J)
Locus (B)
Lookout Mountain Bookstore (B)
Magpie Curios (J) (G)
Margaret Trauth (C) (G)
Massoglia Books (B)
McFarland & Co. (B)
MereleeKnott (B)
Midnight Books (B)
Miss Haley Bombshell Boutique (T)
MU Press (B)
Mudcat Studio (A, J)
My Gems to Your Treasures (J)
New Horizons Computer Learning Center (G)
NightshadeRose Studio (J)
 NIWA/Free Valley (B)
P. E. Sibley, Local Author (B)
Pavel’s Puzzles (G)
Pendragon Costumes (T)
Phil Davis Books and Treasures (B, G)
Phoenix Pick / Galaxy’s Edge (B)
Quicksilver Fantasies (G)
Ravenwing Wearable Art (J)
Realm of Regalia (T)
Regilius Publishing (B)
Robert Sage (A)
Safari Pearl (T) (G)
Science Fiction Writers of America (SFWA) (B)
Shasta/Phoenix Publishers (B)
Sign of the Unicorn (J)
Silverthorne Crafts (J)
Sinister Metalworks (T)
Specters Anonymous (B)
Starship Cat (B) (G)
Steampunked Out (T)
Strange Hours Atelier (T)
Sue Ploeger Designs (A)
Sun’s Golden Ray Publishing (B)
T.M. Originals (J)
The Blood of the Empire (B) (G)
The Order of the Sage (B)
Therri’s Treasures (J) (B)
Tribbletoys / GIANTmicrobes (G)
Vandy Hall Design (A)
Vintage Fusion Jewels (J)
Warsongpress LLC (G)
Wire Rim Books (B)
WordFire Press (B)
Xenophile Bibliophile (B)

The Hands That Heal Center For The Healing Arts Therapeutic Massage Booth (G)

Areas in the Exhibit Hall

Site Selection—CC Exhibit Hall B

Site Selection for the 2017 Worldcon will open on Wednesday at 2pm and remain open until 6pm. On Thursday and Friday, it will open at 10am and close at 6pm. The winner will be announced on Saturday. It costs $40 to vote, and buys you a supporting membership for the 2017 Worldcon regardless of where it will be held. 

Guinan’s Place: Cabaret, Watering Hole & Bar—CC Exhibit Hall C

We are excited to be hosting Guinan’s Place. Drop in and sample a bit of space, a full bar with local beers (selections from Steamplant, Iron Horse, NoLi, Liberty Ciderworks & Laughing Dog). We will have performances throughout the day and evening by singers, magicians, jugglers, story tellers, comedians, other performers of all kinds. We will also host some game shows and auctions.  Both the Masquerade and the Hugo Ceremonies  will be streamed live on Guinan’s big screen, for those who would like to view theseevents in a relaxed and convivial atmosphere. Con members are invited to come in and sit a while and enjoy the atmosphere and the show.

Gaming—DBT Grand Ballroom, Salon V

Table Gaming will be open 24 hours/day, beginning at 2pm on Wednesday and running throughout the convention.

Lost World Fanzine Lounge—CC Exhibit Hall C (Days), DAV 819 (Nights)

The League of Extraordinary Faneds, led by Randy Byers, will be running the Fanzine Lounge this year. We’re calling it the Lost World Fanzine Lounge, because fanzines are a now a little pocket world of dinosaurs like us. 

The evening Fanzine Lounge is in a party suite in the Davenport. We will host a variety of parties and events, including a reception (or maybe two) for the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund (TAFF) and Down Under Fan Fund (DUFF) delegates. Rumor has it that Dave O’Neill will conduct a fannish trivia quiz in the daytime lounge. We also intend to put together a memorial for our friend, Stu Shiffman, and to honor the last group to run a Worldcon in Washington State, the Nameless Ones, and their Hugo-winning fanzine, Cry of the Nameless.

Yes, there will be fanzines. Amongst the fanzine-oriented events will be the collation of WOOF, the collection of fanzines distributed at Worldcon by the World Order of Faneditors. The OE for WOOF this year is Andy Hooper, so if you’d like to contribute please contact him at fanmailaph@aol.com.

Masquerade Registration Desk

All Masquerade entrants must check in at the Masquerade Registration Desk, which will be open Wednesday, August 19th from 9am to 6pm, Thursday, August 20th from 9am to 6pm, and Friday, August 21st from 9am to noon PDT, at the  Convention Center, near Registration in Exhibit Hall D.

Program Participant Check-in

After they register at Registration, panelists can check in with Program at the Program Participant Check-in table in Hall D.

Discworld—CC Exhibit Hall B

Sir Terry Pratchett’s Discworld humorous fantasy series will be represented by an exhibit at Sasquan. Intended to act as an introduction to Discworld for those unfamiliar with the series, it will include fun references for longtime fans as well. Items displayed will include a mix of official merchandise, vintage and handmade items, costume assemblages, a memorial to Sir Terry Pratchett, and a demonstration of the “Discworld: The Ankh Morpork Map app. We look forward to welcoming Sir Terry’s many fans from around the globe at Sasquan. 

Maker Space/3-D Printer—CC Exhibit Hall C

Most people, if they’ve heard of Makerspaces or Hackspaces, think of people tearing apart things and remaking them, or reprogramming them. That is one aspect of a Maker space, but Maker spaces include a wide range of activities such as: 3D printing (for costume props, prototyping, cool gadgets); Laser cutting (costume props, custom designing boxes or cases out of wood, leather, or acrylic); Programming (Raspberry Pi, Arduino); Electronics (circuits, breadboards); Robotics; Soldering; Crafts (spinning, felting, sewing/designing costumes, using sewable electronics); and Costume construction (foam, fabric, EL wire, recycled items).

Craft Corner – CC Exhibit Hall B

A table set aside in the Exhibit Hall for knitters, crocheters, beaders and other crafters who want a spot to sit and stitch.

LEGOs Play Area—CC Exhibit Hall C

For children of all ages; need we say more!  Come and play with lots and lots of LEGO building bricks, generously loaned to us by The Spokane Public Library.  Come build fantastic things. (We may even have some other games and toys.)

Messages to Orbit —CC Exhibit Hall C

This is a unique Sasquan feature. Take a minute to record a greeting for our non-attending Special Guest American astronaut Dr. Kjell Lindgren who is currently on the International Space Station.

[[Food in the Convention Center]]

The Convention Center presented a modified set of rules about food after the printed Convention Guide went to press. The Convention Center is primarily concerned with food and drink meant for groups, not for individuals.

You may bring personal food items:

You may not bring:

In 1974, the World’s Fair was held in Spokane and was the first exposition with an environmental theme. As you enjoy Sasquan, you’re just steps away from where that event was held. Do your part to honor that event by cleaning up after yourself and by recycling whereever recycling is available. 


Program items go way beyond talking heads and will offer you five days of discussions to engage you and leave you with a world of new things to think about long after the con is over. Most panels are 45 minutes long, starting promptly on the hour and ending 15 minutes before the next hour. Most readings are 20 minutes long, starting promptly on the hour or half-hour.

See the full list of participants in Sasquan Program, Events and in SpoCon Presents as well as an index to their activities at the convention in the back of this guide.

Super Science Saturday—CC Exhibit Hall C

Sasquan’s Super Science Saturday contains ideas about topics ranging in size from the universe to the neutrino. Storing anti-matter, looking at the future of aging, celebrating the year of the dwarf planet (hellllo, Pluto!) –these are but a few of the topics found on panels and talks that you are sure to find of interest. 

Robotics demonstrations and hands on science activities provided by the local children’s science museum, Mobius, will run throughout the day, and will provide fun for all ages. A poster contest for post-secondary students will also run throughout the day, with the authors present at their posters to answer questions and meet interested fans between noon—2pm. 

Children’s Program—CC 206BCD, 207

Our Children’s programming, CC 206BCD and CC 207, is designed for children ages 6–12 and their parents. Some items are suitable for older kids and teenagers who are welcome. We have a program for the full weekend involving art, crafts, games, science, magic, story-telling and music, and a bit of space for children to enjoy. These activities allow kids to have their own convention time. PLEASE NOTE! Children’s Programming is NOT a child-minding service; it is Worldcon programming for kids. See the Childcare section for more information.

We have a ribbon system in place for parents to determine children who can come and go (Green Comets) and children who must be with a parent/responsible adult attached (Red Satellites). For our Satellites, we ask that you provide a phone number(s), and name(s) of responsible adults who may pick up your children. In a nutshell, SATELLITES stay in 206BCD and 207, COMETS come and go.


We will be closed from noon–2pm each day so that your children and our staff can have lunch—note that food purchased from outside the Convention Center is not allowed in the Convention Center. Feed your kids before you bring them in, and pick them up on time, noon and 5pm. After 15 minutes after closing, unless we hear from you, we reserve the right to turn them over to Security as lost kids.

Come help us out! We request that parents volunteer to help in Children’s Programming for 2 hours over the duration of the con. Please see our staff to schedule your time with us.

Younger children are welcome in the continual company of their parents. We will have chairs available in both rooms so parents can have a moment of peace.

Young Adult Program

The Young Adult program will include exciting selection of panels, workshops, and activities for Sasquan’s teens, as well as young at heart members. From dystopias to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, zombies, fandom, Girl Genius, and horror, our YA panels have something for everyone, plus workshops and panels on writing young adult fiction. Panelists include Kate Elliott, Dan Wells, Marissa Meyer and other fabulous authors in science fiction, fantasy, horror, and more.

Autographing—CC Exhibit Hall B

Here are some guidelines to help autographing at Sasquan run smoothly: 

Most sessions have a three signature limit; some may have a one signature limit.

Once you’ve had books signed, you may be able to go to the end of the line if the author has the time to handle repeat requests from the same person.

Authors have a maximum of 45 minutes for their signings and must leave promptly at the end of their session to make way for the next set of authors. 

Please be courteous if there is a line—give other fans a chance to get their books autographed. 

In order to avoid having people wait in line when the line reaches too many people for the author to sign for everyone, the staff may need to close the line before the session is over. 

If there is a long line, no personalizations and no disruptive photography (particularly selfies with the panelist).

Some autographings may have more restrictive rules; those rules will be posted.

Costumes—CC 202C

Costume Program looks forward to having a variety of panels and workshops covering topics that you do not typically see at Worldcons as well as some favorite panels.

Costume Program focuses on workshops and demonstrations, so you can leave Sasquan with new skills and understanding that you can apply to future costumes, garments, and wearable art. Of course, we will also have panels, too.

Concerts—CC Conference Theater 110

Each afternoon, our musicians will give concerts. Additionally, there will be filk jams on Wednesday and Thursday evening.


Various North American Discworld Guilds have been invited to organize and host DW fan meets at Sasquan and these include:

The Seamstress Guild (famous for its parties, it has many decorators, costumers and performers among its members), the Alchemists (our science minds), the Cunning Artificers (arts & crafts), Discworld Musicians and Singers (for filking and other fun), Engravers & Printers (our writers and editors), the Dark Clerks (folks who like to organize both paper and people behind the scenes), our fabulous Bakers (lovers of food and drink who may be leading some of our pub crawls), the Witches & Wizards (cunning women and men who love history, myth, and folklore), various DW Family Groups, the Black Ribboners (DW folks in recovery), a memorial for Sir Terry and more.

Filk—DBT, Spokane Falls C/D

The Filk program will feature excellent performances of filk songs old and new enhanced by people singing together. Filk Circles will start around 7pm. In addition, there will be filking as part of the “after midnight Late Night Programming in some function rooms. Never filked before? Give it a shot at a Filk Circle.


Gaming Program will have panels on computer and video games, board games, and roleplaying. Game designers, authors, artists, and fans will discuss not just how good games are made but how games can inform and inspire other aspects of fannish creativity. Panels we are preparing include Writing For Video Games, The Best Video Games Ever!, and The Game Designer’s Toolbox, among others.

Kaffee Klatches, Literary Beers and Pub Crawls

Kaffee Klatches and Literary Beers are small group discussions with panelists. Pub crawls are a 2 hour walk through downtown with a panelist or two. Kaffee Klatches are held up in 202A & 202B and the Literary Beers are held in Guinan’s Place—look for the “Reserved for Literary Beer” sign. Pub Crawls will meet in the Breezeway.

Individual host sessions are strictly limited to the host and nine attendees. Many hosts will be quite popular, so you must sign up in advance. Sign-up sheets will be available at the Information Desk in Hall D the day before the item. (So, for example, you can sign up for a Thursday Kaffee Klatche on Wednesday.) 

Buy your beverage/snack at the 2nd floor coffee bar before the Kaffee Klatche is due to start.

Each person in line may sign up for only one Kaffee Klatche per day to give more people a chance to participate in a Kaffee Klatche. Provide your badge name and number. Two wait list spots are added to each session. Attendees who have not turned up by the start of the session will have their place assigned to someone on the wait list. The person on the list must be the person who attends and you cannot trade your place. You may join a session as it starts if there are free slots available and no wait list, but for more popular hosts, this scenario is very unlikely. 

Note that these sessions are 45 minutes long. Please help the next session start on time and do not delay the hosts at the end of the item. 

Publisher Presentations—CC 300D

Major publishers in our field give you a taste of the writers and fiction they will be releasing in the upcoming months.

Other Awards

In addition to the Hugo Awards (which will be held Saturday, 8pm, INB Theater (video feeds to 100B & Guinan’s Place during the event, as well as to Ustream), other SF-related awards are given out at Worldcon. See the schedule for more information.

SpoCon Presents — DBT Grand Ballroom Salons III & IV

SpoCon is Spokane’s local premier Science Fiction and Fantasy convention. It has run annually in Spokane since 2008, and is only getting bigger and better with every year. SpoCon has hosted such illustrious special guests as C.J. Cherryh, Rayce Bird, George Troester, and Brandon Sanderson, and we’re far from finished! In 2015, SpoCon partnered with Worldcon to welcome them to the Inland Northwest with open arms and meld our fandom with theirs, as it is meant to be. We are literature. We are gaming. We are fandom. We are SpoCon. Join us at Sasquan, and in Spokane 2016, as we continue the tradition of greatness that is the fandom of the Inland Northwest.

Stroll with the Stars —CC Breezeway, 9am

Stroll with the Stars is a gentle walk each morning from Thursday–Sunday. At this Worldcon, Spokane’s Centennial Trail, which is paved and mostly flat, parallels the Spokane River through the heart of downtown. It will provide a wonderful scenic venue for the Stroll. A number of Authors, Artists, Editors and even some GoHs will be participating. The Stroll will meet at the bronze statue memorializing Michael Anderson (one of the Columbia astronauts who graduated from a local area high school) on the river side of the breezeway. No sign-up is required—just arrive by 9am. The Stroll will end at the Spokane Convention Center before 10am. 

Teen Lounge—DBT Grand Ballroom, Salon II

Come mingle with like-minded people in the Young Adult lounge. Play games, talk books/gaming/costuming and make new friends. Feeling worn out from conning? Come by to sit and relax. Drinks will be provided, and snacks will be available during the Welcome Reception.

World Science Fiction Society (WSFS) Business Meetings —CC 300B 

As most attendees know, the Hugo nomination process for this year was marked by spirited debate and discussion throughout the blogosphere. This is a topic sure to receive attention at this year’s WSFS meetings, in addition to debating such questions as:

In addition, WSFS deals with issues pertaining to the Constitution and Standing Rules, which can be found here: http://www.wsfs.org/bm/rules.html and are also published in the Souvenir Book.

You, as a Sasquan member, get to help make those rules. There’s no Board of Directors, no House of Representatives, no Congress of Deputies. Every member of Worldcon can participate in the rule-making process, like a big “town meeting.” 

The Business Meeting is held on the second, third, and fourth mornings of the Worldcon (rarely, a meeting on the fifth day is required, though there is a good chance there will be one this year). Every member of WSFS may attend the meeting, propose changes, debate those changes, and vote on them. For Sasquan, the business meetings will be held in CC Room 300B (standing room available in 300A) and begin at 10am.

Changes to the WSFS Constitution, including any changes to the rules for the Hugo Awards, must be approved by votes at two consecutive Worldcons. In addition to business passed on from the last Worldcon (Loncon 3), new business will be introduced this year. Meetings are conducted under a relatively formal structure, as codified in Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised and the WSFS Standing Rules. 

Come and be a part of the government of your society. Note: the Business Meeting will be recorded, and the recordings will be uploaded to the Worldcon Events YouTube Channel. Your voice and image may appear in the recording. Check the newsletter for any updates about the Business Meeting throughout the convention. 

Writers Workshops—CC 201A & 201B.

Nearly 60 Sasquan members submitted speculative fiction manuscripts in advance to be constructively criticized by industry professionals. Since evaluating all of these at once would be a logistical nightmare, the entries have been divided into 20 sections so they can all receive proper attention. Over the past few weeks all participants have been reading their assigned manuscripts and forming opinions on them. Over the course of Sasquan all of the entrants will be accepting feedback on their work. All workshop sections are closed to non-participants.

Meetups, Special Interest and Discussion Groups 

Meetups are organized by individuals or groups and not by Sasquan. Most meetups are scheduled during off-peak program times between 9:00am and 10:00am or after 5:30pm. Space permitting, you can organize a discussion of your favorite Marvel superhero or have a meeting of your local club at Worldcon. Other common meetups include Friends of Bill W. and Black Ribboners (both for fans in recovery), informal religious services, and the like. Please note: no outside food or drink is allowed in Sasquan program space, but food or drink bought inside the Convention Center is fine in any function room!


Accessibility—CC Hall D

If you have any questions on mobies or large-size print publications, stop by the Accessibility table during the day.

Quiet Room—CC 101

People sometimes need a break from the bustle of noise of a Worldcon. To provide that break, Sasquan has established a Quiet Room. Relax and unwind in a comfy chair. But please be respectful of your fellow members. Anything you wouldn’t do in a library, don’t do here.

Bag Check Room—CC 402C

You can check a bag (with visitation privileges) for $2/day. You must remove the bag by closing time each day. Sasquan assumes no liability for theft or damage. 

Childcare—DBT, 12th floor 

We are thrilled to have chosen KiddieCorp (www.kiddiecorp.com) as the professional childcare provider to Sasquan. KiddieCorp has worked regularly with Worldcons in recent years, in L.A., Denver, Montreal, Reno, Chicago and San Antonio, and has an excellent understanding of our needs and interests. KiddieCorp’s service will be available to all children aged 12 or under as of the start of the convention. Child memberships costing $90 are available for all children in this age group and include 8 hours of free childcare. Alternately, a total of 8 hours of free childcare are included with Family Memberships. Additional hours are then chargeable at a rate of $10 per hour. Children under 6 can attend the convention as KidsinTow without paying a membership fee, but will not receive any free childcare and will need to pay the $10 per hour for childcare hours they use. Your children must be registered with the convention (whether with Child/Family memberships or as KidsinTow) before they can be booked into the KiddieCorp service. We have included evening services on Friday and Saturday to enable parents to attend the parties as well as Masquerade and/or Hugo Award Ceremony. Please note that children can only receive a maximum of 10 hours of childcare on any single day.

The childcare service will be available during the following hours (subject to change):

Childcare capacity is limited and we urge parents to book all childcare hours in advance, when possible, so we can ensure adequate staffing and service. 

To sign up, go to the KiddieCorp page: https://www.kiddiecorp.com/sasquankids.htm

Places will be limited and allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, so please book well in advance.

If you have any questions about childcare services, please contact Lisa GarrisonRagsdale, Childcare Liaison, at childcare@sasquan.org. 

Volunteers—CC Exhibit Hall D

Want to help with the convention while you’re here?  Just about every area of Sasquan needs volunteers. You can work a little or a lot. Stop by the Volunteer table in Exhibit Hall D between 10am and 6pm.

Mailing and Shipping Services

FedEx is located across the street from the Spokane Convention Center (259 W Spokane Falls Blvd, Spokane, WA; (509) 484-0601) and it is open 24 hours a day offering all kinds of copying, printing and mailing services. The main USPS downtown office is located at 904 W. Riverside Ave, #109, approximately 7 blocks west of the Convention Center; it is open 8–5, M–F.

Consuite (aka the Tempus Fugit Café) DBT 1502 (Presidential Suite)

The Tempus Fugit Cafe will be open 24 hours a day starting Wednesday at 3 p.m. and closing Sunday at 3 p.m., so even when the parties close up, we’ll still be open and a fun place to hang out. You’ll likely find something good to eat or drink then too. We will reopen as “Dead Dog at 8 p.m. Sunday.

We promise to always have carbs and or protein available for your energy needs. We’ll have four overflow rooms, one of which will be a nut free room for those with allergies and another set up for gluten free/vegetarian/vegan needs. There will also be some Kosher food/drinks but this might be limited.

There will be hot foods at various times through the weekend, so make sure to keep checking in. We look forward to passing the time with you!



Register Your Party!

Please remember that we need to know if you’re planning on hosting a party. Please email parties@sasquan.org, or fill out this form online http://sasquan.org/contact/ . Whether it is a small private gathering of friends or a big blowout, please register your party and let us know your plans. This will enable us to provide you with a little Party Kit of some helpful supplies!

Alcohol Policy

Alcohol restrictions have been legally clarified, and we are replacing previous guidelines with these—this applies to parties both public & private:

A permit is not required to serve alcohol in a suite or private room. If you purchased a permit as directed under the previous guidelines, convention Treasurer Bruce Farr will be happy to reimburse you. You can reach him at finance@sasquan.org by sending an email with a scan of receipt attached, or at the convention through the con office (located in the Convention Center). Please bring your receipt with you. 

Signage/Taping onto Walls

You can advertise your public party (mindful of the Liquor Board rules above) in convention publications, with flyers on your Fan Table (if you have one), and at several Party Boards that will be located at the hotels and Convention Center.

The Davenport Historic Hotel will allow computer-generated (professional-looking) signage on our Party Board on the first floor (not on lobby walls, or other non-designated spaces), and will allow those same signs on hallway walls near your room, your door, and inside your party room. Similarly, if you are putting up decor in your party room, you may only use painter’s tape to affix it.

The other hotels do not permit you to post any type of flyers on their walls. If you are hosting a private party, you may post things on the walls inside your room using painter’s tape.

Promote in the Newsletter!

If you are hosting a public party, Sasquan Newsletter wants your “Party Previews”! Rather than tell members about parties that have already happened, we want to get members excited about upcoming parties ahead of time. Deadline for the evening edition each day is 2pm. Send party info to newsletter@sasquan.org

Party Competition

We will be collecting ballots and awarding titles for:

Ballots will be available at Registration and on the Party Floors. Ballot boxes will be on the Party Floors while parties are going on, and will be in Party Ops (Porter Room in the Davenport, 2nd floor) the rest of the time.

Note: Ballots must be filled out by the member voting. Valid ballots will require the members badge number, badge name and registered name. Any appearance of ballot stuffing or prefilled ballots will result in your party being disqualified from the awards.

Davenport Amenities

The Davenport Hotels have microwaves available to rent for $15/day, and several of the suites come with mini-fridges. While cooking in the rooms is not allowed, utilizing crockpots and the like to reheat food is acceptable.


The Art of the Non-Disruptive Selfie

by Pat Cadigan

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I call them my ongoing art project, "Me and..." Last Worldcon, there was a request for fans not to ask writers if they could take selfies at signings. At my signing, I took a selfie with the people waiting for me to sign their books.

I have also taken selfies at the start and/or finish of programme items. I don't always do that but it's lots of fun for the fans and for my friends. I only use an iPad so the people in the photos can see what I'm doing quite easily. They often wave, smile, and strike poses as if they were photo-bombing, even though the whole idea is to have them in the photos. Anyway, I've had some wonderful moments at kaffeeklatsches and signings. It can actually be an ice-breaker.

Pat with John Clute, Joe Haldeman & Ellen Datlow

Because the idea is to have my left eye in the lower righthand corner of the photo, I have to stand some distance from my subjects to get them all into the frame. But I try very hard not to interrupt whatever's going on, even if I'm just out with my friends. I used to take a lot more photos but sometimes, photographing the moment means not participating in it. I've decided that often it's a lot more important to participate than document.

Pat and Christopher Fowler with...Underground Riders

Some people don't like having their photo taken. But it's really not so much that they hate having their photo taken as it is that they'd rather not have unflattering photos showing up on Flickr or Facebook or anywhere else online. So I try hard to be considerate about what I post. A close friend once posted a truly terrible photo of my on Facebook and I asked him to take it down. To me, it was embarrassing; he didn't see it that way. It was just a photo of a friend–I didn't look ugly to him. That's a lovely thought but there are other people who will seize on a public unflattering photo and repost it as a jab against the author. So if your sellfie of you with, say, Nancy Kress comes out with her in mid-blink looking like she's drunk or worse, show some consideration and keep it private.

I have no problem with fans who want to take selfies with me but I am not swamped; the number of fans who want me to sign a book are manageable. For writers like George RR Martin, however, it's different: if every other fan in line holds things up for a selfie, there's going to be a long wait for everyone else, and maybe the people near the end of the line won't get their books signed at all. 

Pat with Ellen Datlow at the Pre-Hugo Reception, Loncon 2014

If you can use your tablet or smartphone to take a regular candid photo without interrupting, you can take a selfie the same way. Taking photos at an event like the Worldcon should be fun. Whenever I stand up with my iPad and aim it at the people behind me, they always smile and laugh and wave. It's fun for them and it's fun for me. But I try to pick the right moments, too. In the middle of the day, when people are energetic and enjoying themselves, they tend to be more receptive. When people are tired after a full day, however, and need to rest and have something to eat before the evening parties, it's maybe not the best time for photos.