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Uncle Sasquatch Needs You

The World Science Fiction Convention is one of the largest conferences in the world that is run without paid staff or the services of professional meeting planners. Everybody who works on the convention is a member of the Worldcon who has volunteered to help make it a success.

That means that Sasquan needs many volunteers to fill a multitude of roles, from overseeing major departments to making sure that program participants find the right rooms, that the works in the Art Show are properly hung, that the con suite has a steady supply of refreshments, that the Hugo Awards ceremony and the Masquerade have light and sound, and hundreds of other tasks.

Whether you’ve worked on dozens of conventions or have never even attended one before, there’s something that you can do. What’s more, there’s no better way to see science fiction’s premier event from the inside. Lots of fans have discovered that working on a convention is a large part of the enjoyment.

Interested? Well, we won’t know it unless you tell us. Click here for a handy form that you can use to describe what you’re interested in working on and what experience – fannish or otherwise – you have. Or you can simply contact the Volunteer Coordinator

A few details: All volunteers must buy memberships in Sasquan. There is no special rate, but, once the convention is over and has balanced its books, volunteers who worked 20 or more hours will receive membership reimbursements (subject, of course, to the availability of funds). Extra credit will be given for work during set up and tear-down.

Work as a volunteer will also earn access to the Staff Den, where you can unwind and partake of light refreshments.  After each four-hour shift, a volunteer will receive a one-use pass to the Den and, after putting in a total of 20 hours, an unlimited pass.  Again, extra credit will be given for work on set up and tear-down.

Volunteers will also be eligible for prize drawings and freebies that won’t be offered to other members.

For reasons that we’re sure don’t have to be explained, volunteers under age 18 must have the signed consent of a parent or guardian.

Looking forward to working with you at the con!



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