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Flying to Spokane

Visitors to Spokane can fly into Spokane International Airport (IATA code: GEG). Six passenger airlines fly into Spokane, including United, Delta, Southwest, US Airways, Frontier, and Alaska Airlines. The majority of flights into Spokane come from Denver, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Salt Lake City, and Minneapolis, so if you happen to be delayed at one of these hubs, you can always catch the next flight. There are many more nonstop flights from Las Vegas, Oakland, Phoenix, Boise, Calgary, and (in the summer) Chicago, as well as regional airports on smaller airlines. Direct flights (stopping in Denver or Salt Lake but continuing on the same plane) come to Spokane from Baltimore, Washington National, and Greensboro. While weather in the East and Midwest can cause flight delays no matter where you might be travelling to, one can be sure there will be no delays due to weather at the Spokane end of the journey. The airport currently has 21 gates in two terminals, with a short walk from security to the gates or back to baggage carousels.

Spokane’s airport is about eight miles from the city center. This works out to a $25 cab ride to downtown hotels. Some of the hotels, including the Doubletree, have a free airport shuttle. Spokane Transit offers bus service between the airport and the downtown area for $1.50.