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Heading west? Or maybe east from Seattle, north from California, south from British Columbia or Alaska? Driving on I-90, taking Amtrak’s Empire Builder train, or Greyhound? Flying through interesting airport connections? Kayaking down the Spokane River, re-entering from orbit, flying on a Mad Max-style ornithopter, or maybe coming by wagon train? Let us know! Print this sign and put it in your car window or on your luggage. SasquanOrBust

Tell us on Twitter or Facebook. Use the hashtag #SasquanOrBust . Share your adventure coming to Worldcon in the Northwest. Science fiction is about exploration and discovery, so tell us what you see along the way!

Sasquan Hotel Availability Update

  • There are rooms open at the DoubleTree. You can right now book August 20-23. You can then contact the to request adding dates before and after your booked reservation. This is the process which the hotel and housing bureau are requesting.
  • Demand for Tuesday, Wednesday (before), and Sunday (after) are running ahead of our initial contracts. The rooms are still actually unreserved and we are working with the housing bureau to make these rooms available to people who are making reservations. They are being added to our blocks in response to member requests.
  • The DoubleTree is not sold out, but it will be soon. Both Red Lions are close to the convention center and they are nice hotels. No one needs to worry about staying somewhere a long walk from the convention site.
  • The Davenport Hotel, our party hotel, is a beautiful and luxurious facility 990 yards (11 minutes at 3 mpg walk) from the convention site. For people who can’t or prefer not to want to walk, we are researching a shuttle service to run between hotels and the convention center; there hotels also have shuttles for hotel guests.
  • We have been in contact with several other hotels in the immediate area. Should there be demand, we have convenient options for overflow sites.
  • We are managing this process dynamically and incrementally, which means we are not going to add hundreds of rooms all at once. We are going to add hotel rooms over time to meet the actual demand.

    Please see the hotel reservation status for currrent information.

    Sasquan selects the Davenport Hotel as party venue

    Davenport LobbySasquan, the 73rd World Science Fiction Convention, has chosen the Davenport Hotel and Tower as the party hotel during the convention.

    The Davenport is one of the most luxurious hotels fandom will ever have stayed in. Regular hotel rooms are very large, with ornate furniture, three-head shower rooms as well as large bathtubs. Beds are so comfortable that some members of our concom have purchased them from the Davenport Home Store. Dining options include the Palm Street Grill, the Safari Room, the Post Street Ale House, the Peacock Room Lounge, as well as the lobby Espresso Bar and a champagne brunch on Sundays.Davenport bedroom The Davenport is on Post Street, the heart of downtown Spokane, near the theater district and the River Point Square shopping center.

    Sasquan has chosen the Davenport primarily as it has the most suites available among our hotels. We plan to have hotel reservations available at the beginning of 2015, or a little earlier if possible.

    Spokane Convention Center Expansion

    Sasquan is pleased to hear that the Spokane Public Facilities District has finalized plans for expansion of the Spokane Convention Center. A total of fifteen new function rooms with a total of 45,000 square feet of exhibit, function, and support space are planned along the north side of the convention space, mainly along the walkway between the exhibit hall and the central building. Construction is scheduled for December 2014.convention-center-expansion

    Sasquan is reviewing our facilities contract with the Convention Center. The new rooms are centrally located and may be convenient for programming or other activities. This expansion was approved by the voters of Spokane County in 2012; we just received details of the final construction timeline in October 2013. Details are provided at the Spokane PFD website.

    Mobius Science Center

    Practice your mind control at the Mobius Science Center


    Ever wanted to:

    • Practice mind control …………………….(with your head hooked to a computer)
    • Test your aerodynamic designs ……..(paper airplanes, that is)
    • Build a cheap rocket ……………………..(out of water bottles)
    • Perform an autopsy ………………………(virtual autopsy, of course)


    Then you’ll be happy to hear that the Mobius Science Center and Mobius for Kids’ Museums, that just opened this year are near the Spokane convention center and the Sasquan hotels.


    The goal of the museum was to make the science center interactive to build an experiential visit to the science center instead of housing static exhibits.


    Other fan–friendly events that the Mobius Science Center held this year that are:

    • Steampunk Science Saturday
    • Sci-Fi Spectacular film series
    • Extreme Science Show


    The Mobius Science Center is open most days, but Mondays, except for some holidays.

    For more information about Mobius Science Center, visit their website.