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Sasquan Trailer Park


Movie Trailer Park Previews invade Sasquan!

Keith and Alan here from the Trailer Park (WorldCon-speak for Movie News & Previews), again ready to bring the latest movie news and previews from Hollywood straight to your eye/earballs. Our schedule for this special WorldCon year:

Thursday – Family Movie Previews – 11-12noon – CC Room 207

Thursday – Previews Show #first – 4-5:30pm – CC Ballroom 100B

Friday – Keith Johnson Kaffee Klatche (Let’s talk about movies!) – 4-4:45pm – CC Room 202B-KK4 (Early sign-up encouraged.)

Saturday – Previews Show #last – 4-5:30pm – CC Bay 111A

Movies, TV, home entertainment, theme parks, we talk about the whole gamut. See you there!


The Trailer Park Lands Today

Grab a responsible child, and check out our first Trailer Park Movie Previews specially baked for the entire family. We’ll be showing things we won’t even be showing the adults (Shhh!)!

Family Movie Previews – 11-12noon – CC Room 207

Then catch a good nap so you can be alert and aware for the first dose of full frontal Trailer Park Mayhem. The biggest screen and sound we’ve ever had!! So much genre stuff to show and talk about; movies, TV, theme parks, the whole gamut.

Previews Show #first – 4-5:30pm – CC Ballroom 100B


Let’s Try this Kaffee Klatche Trailer Park Thing

This being our first Worldcon as presenters, we thought it might be fun to gather a small group of like-interested fen and just talk about movies for awhile. What you like, what you hate, what you’re looking forward to, what you wonder why they bothered. So let’s do a Kaffee Klatche and talk about the movies! Note you have to sign up ahead of time.

Keith Johnson Kaffee Klatche (Let’s talk about movies!) – 4-4:45pm – CC Room 202B-KK4


Last Trailer Park for 362 days ahead

You’ve got one final chance to experience the full frontal media assault that is Keith & Alan’s Trailer Park News and Movie Previews. Get your media hunger satiated while we serve as afternoon mind-cleansing opening act for the Hugos. We’ll show some of the most popular trailers from Thursday as well as items we didn’t get a chance to talk about. And it’s all absolutely free!

Previews Show #last – 4-5:30pm – CC Bay 111A

Progress Report #3 Published

Sasquan Progress Report 3 is published. Click here to download it. Lots of information about plans for programming and events. Memories and thoughts from our guests of honor about the Hugo Awards. Lots more about the Hugos, including a printable ballot, FAQ, and more. A WSFS primer and the current WSFS constitution, the rules under which Worldcons (and the Hugo Awards) are organized and selected. Fun new artwork from Brad Foster. Info about our hotels. Catch up on what we’re doing!

“Brother Guy” Consolmagno to give Carl Sagan lecture at Sasquan

Sasquan, the 73rd World Science Fiction Convention
19-23 August 2015 at Spokane WA USA


“Brother Guy” Consolmagno to give Carl Sagan lecture at Sasquan

Spokane, 6 November 2014

Guy Consolmagno, an astronomer at the Vatican Observatory, will give a speech for the Carl Sagan Medal he received for 2014 as part of Sasquan’s First Night. The Sagan award is given annually by the American Astronomical Society for excellence in science writing. Brother Guy, an active fan and a member of the MIT Science Fiction Society, will give this speech at 8 PM on Wednesday night.

Full details of how to become a member of Sasquan are available at


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