Steam Plant Square

Meters and gauges and metal-worked spaces, with enough gadgets and widgets to tickle a Steampunker’s fancy.

There once was a time that the entire city of Spokane was powered by one steam plant. Finished in 1916, the Central Steam Plant held dominance. And then the city grew. More modern power sources became available. After 70 years, the city moved on. And the building fell into disuse.

But it was not torn down. Instead, it was placed on the historical register. And in 1996, work began to restore the Central Steam Plant and the Seehorn-Lang Freight warehouse, and to physically connect the buildings with a newly built Courtyard building. All together, this created the Steam Plant Square, which now houses working/living spaces, a museum and a restaurant.

While the entire restored Central Steam Plant acts like its own museum, it’s worth the stroll over to the building’s basement to take a look at the accoutrements left over from the steam plant days, and to stand under the bottom of the twin 200 foot smokestacks.

While you’re there, enjoy a brew and some grub at the Steam Plant Grill. We hear the Grill hosts Happy Hour food prices all day Sunday.

Steam Plant Square is located at: 159 S. Lincoln, Spokane, WA. Check out their website.