Mobius Science Center


Practice your mind control at the Mobius Science Center


Ever wanted to:

  • Practice mind control …………………….(with your head hooked to a computer)
  • Test your aerodynamic designs ……..(paper airplanes, that is)
  • Build a cheap rocket ……………………..(out of water bottles)
  • Perform an autopsy ………………………(virtual autopsy, of course)


Then you’ll be happy to hear that the Mobius Science Center and Mobius for Kids’ Museums, that just opened this year are near the Spokane convention center and the Sasquan hotels.


The goal of the museum was to make the science center interactive to build an experiential visit to the science center instead of housing static exhibits.


Other fan–friendly events that the Mobius Science Center held this year that are:

  • Steampunk Science Saturday
  • Sci-Fi Spectacular film series
  • Extreme Science Show


The Mobius Science Center is open most days, but Mondays, except for some holidays.
For more information about Mobius Science Center, visit their website.


Pub Science

Pub Science is sweeping the nation and Mobius Science Center has brought it to Spokane. Have a great time learning about science while enjoying a delicious beer in the company of like-minded beings.

Show up at pubs or brewhouses for quarterly sessions where you can connect with local scientists through open dialogue and moderated Q&A sessions about their work. This isn’t about sitting passively while a scientist does all the talking. No, it’s.. well… more like a con.. and the panels that everyone participates in… but with BEER! Or wine. Or food.

Spokane’s Mobius Science Center hosts a quarterly pub science meetings. These meetings are open to the public for no charge. Donations are gratefully accepted.

For information about the currently held pub science sessions in Spokane, see either the Public Programs page or go directly to the Pub Science schedule page.

Who knows maybe one of the pub science meetings will be held during the time Sasquan is in Spokane? Let’s all keep our fingers crossed.