Stroll With the Stars

How would you like to get up close and personal so you could have a conversation with your favorite author, artist or editor . . . and at the same time get some fresh air and stretch your legs a bit? Well that’s what Stroll With The Stars is all about.

This will be the eighth time we’ve started Worldcon with a nice stroll . . . and we stress, stroll. This is not a heart-pounding aerobic exercise, or a military forced march, it’s a nice morning stroll. It has been described by some of the participants as a “Strolling Kaffeeklatsche” (but unlike a kaffeeklatsche you won’t need to stand in line to sign up, and there’s no limit to how many can attend).

For the first time we have a lovely park right at the convention site to enjoy. That is not to say we didn’t enjoy Millenium Park in Chicago, but we did have to cross busy city streets with hundreds of strollers to get to it, and it is not to say we didn’t enjoy Riverwalk in San Antonio, but we did have to go out in a climate akin to the inside of a Tandoori oven. Just saying it looks like Sasquan is a Worldcon site ideal for a pleasant morning stroll. Here’s a map of Riverfront Park in Spokane which is basically out the back door of the Convention Center.


We’ll have some of your favorite convention guests strolling along. Ever wish you could get some one-on-one time? Maybe ask Connie Willis where she gets her ideas, or ask John Picacio about technique, or ask Ellen Datlow or Lou Anders how they make their selections? They, and many other stars have come out to Stroll with us:  David Brin, Lauren Beukes, Paul Cornell, Cory Doctorow, Scott Edelman, Joe Haldeman, Mary Robinette Kowal, Farah Mendlesohn, Larry Niven, John Scalzi, Lawrence M. Schoen, Stephen H. Segal, Ann VanderMeer, Kaaron Warren, Frank Wu, Boris Vallejo, and many more, have all strolled along with us.

We’ll have great “Stars” to stroll with at Sasquan—you can check our Facebook Stroll page for updates, and check back here a couple weeks before Sasquan for the final schedule and details. Come out and meet your favorite author, artist or editor, get some fresh air, and start off each day on a positive note.

Each Stroll will start at 9AM and will get back to the Convention Center in time for 10AM programming.


(click to enlarge!)

Anticipation Stroll 2009

Notre Dame Cathedral, Montreal—Anticipation 2009

Chicon7 Stroll 2012

“The Bean”, Chicago—Chicon7 2012

Denvention Stroll 2008

The Big Blue Bear—Denvention 2008

3 replies on “Stroll With the Stars”

  1. Michael says:

    I am interested in strolling with a few of the authors. Would a few like breakfast?

  2. Of course “Stroll With the Stars” involves strolling, walking around, it’s not a food event. We are planning a number of events–kaffeeklatsches, literary beers, and literary teas–where individual authors will gather with small groups of fans. These will be posted in the schedule.

    Everyone, members and panelists, has a busy schedule at a Worldcon and Sasquan does not control anyone’s private time. Some authors meet on their own with groups of their readers; usually these are discussed through authors’ blogs or social media channels.

  3. Generalist says:

    We’ll need to get a shot of the strollers by the Michael P. Anderson memorial statue.

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