Science Program & Super Science Saturday


Sasquan will have a full set of science-related panels and events.

  • Guy Consolmagno will give a Carl Sagan Medal talk on “Discarded Worlds: Astronomical Ideas that Were Almost Correct…” He’s also give a talk on “Vesta and the Chaotic Formation of Planets.”
  • Gerald Nordley will talk about “2015: The Year of the Dwarf Planets.”
  • James Glass will talk about “Australian Aboriginals, the First Astronomers?”

Panels will include:

  • Adapting the Human Body for Low Gravity
  • 100 Years of Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity
  • Alien Lingustics
  • Anatomy of a Pandemic
  • Medieval Science and Engineering
  • What’s New in the World of Dinosaurs?

Super Science Saturday

Saturday will have a full day of science talks and in Event Hall C. There will also be day-long demonstrations and displays.

Demonstration: Evolutionary Robotics by Dr. Terry Soule

Smartphone powered robots whose behaviors evolve to imitate human supplied examples, allowing people to train robots rather than having to program them.

Display: Viruses: Magnified by the Imagination by Dr. Holly Wichman

Sculptures constructed from crystals, glass beads, stones and miscellaneous props inspired by mathematically-defined viral structures.

Demonstration: Mobius Science Center & Children’s Museum

The show will use audience participation and highlight experiments and demonstrations using Tesla coils, Van Der Graaf Generators, Supersonic ping pong ball cannons, and chemical experiments that go “BOOM.”

Display: Posters by undergraduate and graduate students about their research. A prize will be given for the poster that best communicates science to the general public. See Student Poster Competition following this section.

Saturday talks will include:     

  • Dr. Matthew Duez, “Observing the Extreme Physics Near Black Hole Horizons”
  • Gregory Astill, Ryan Bain and Ethan Spangler, “The Future of the Economy”
  • April Faires, “Written in the Rocks, the Geological History of Spokane and the Inland Empire”
  • Dr. Kevin Roche, “Spintronics”
  • Dr. Martin Schiavenato, “Futuristic Health”
  • Dr. Maureen Schmitter-Edgecombe, “The Future of Aging”
  • Dr. Marc Weber, “Antimatter in Science – A Journey from Detecting Nothing to Reaching the Stars”

Student Poster Competition

Sasquan is looking for high school student, undergraduate student, graduate student or post-doctoral scholar to participate in its Super Science Saturday event. Saturday programming will have a special focus on science, including talks, exhibits and demonstrations. There will be a $100 prize for the poster that best communicates science to the general public. To participate, send an email to Sam Scheiner . Please include your name, your academic affiliation, the poster title, and an abstract of no more than 100 words. The deadline for entries is July 1.

Poster Winners:

  • Winner: James Wendell “Is Your Genome Full of Junk” (University of Idaho)
  • Honorable mentions: Sara Winzer “Entropy: A Story of the Death of the Universe” (University of Idaho)
  • Dorothy Catey & Kelly Christensen “Zombies! Modeling Complex Interactions in Science” (University of Idaho)