Convention Schedule

The Worldcon started at noon on Wednesday, August 19, 2015 and ended at 4PM on Sunday, August 23, 2015 (except for the Dead Dog filks).

The Web version of Sasquan’s schedule was updated throughout the convention to note all late changes and drop-offs: For a Web version of other Sasquan information (the first 26 pages of the Convention Guide), check the Quick Guide. You can view these files from any Web browser.

The mobile apps for the Grenadine Event Guide were also updated throughout the convention and may still be in the app stores; the access code is SASQUAN (use uppercase for Apple devices; it is case insensitive for Android devices).


Android:; or search in Play Store for “Grenadine Event Guide.”

Apple: If this does not work for you, go to the App Store and search for “Grenadine Event Guide.”

If you are running an older OS or have a Windows phone, you can still run the Web schedule version from a browser on the phone.

For the mobile versions, be sure to click the “menu” (horizontal lines) at the top left of the screen and click Options:

  • Check for updates – updates for Sasquan
  • Switch conference – if you used the mobile app for Loncon last year, you want to switch to Sasquan
  • Clear all data – if you think your updates are not working, clear the data and check for updates. However, if you’ve already saved items to My Program, you will lose that information.

If your data looks odd (particularly if you have duplicate participants), go to the menu, select Clear all data and then select check for updates. That usually makes data problems go away

To save items to My Program, select the “menu” from the upper left hand corner and select Schedule to display the schedule. Click on a Plus Sign + on any item card to save information about that item. To display what you’ve saved, go back to the “menu” and click on My Program to display your selected items.

We had a printed Convention Guide at Registration at Sasquan. All schedule changes between July 31 and August 18 were published at the con in the “PinkSheet” on Wednesday, August 19. Subsequent schedule changes were published in the Newsletter.



Spreadsheets (updated with all known at-con changes):



Day by day schedule grids (schedule as of 8/14):


Many thanks to the whole Program Staff Crew, and to Henry Balen (Grenadine Guru), Paul Selkirk (Convention Guide and grids editor), Kaye Thornburgh (copyeditor) & Phyllis Eide (Convention Guide assembler). The Guide also has a cover by Sasquan Guest Brad Foster.

Known Problems with the Mobile Apps


You must update to iOS 7.0 in order to download and run the mobile app.

If you see duplicated participants listed on the item detail card, go to the menu on the upper left, press Options, clear all data and update the data.

Sometimes the iPhone 6 (latest version of iOS (8.4.1)) has a display bug where the wrong room is attached to an item. This is rare and tends to occur with large card displays for some Events and Program Items. Almost all Events or large Program items are either in the INB Performing Arts Theater or are in 100B/Second Stage. Other than some Dances and parties, nothing is scheduled for the Davenport.


You must update to Android 4 (KitKat) in order to download the run the mobile app.



Participant Cancellation

The following participants cancelled after the Convention Guide went to press:

  • Kate Baker
  • Brian Campbell
  • Amy Sterling Casil
  • Jim Fiscus
  • Maureen Schmitter-Edgecombe
  • Steven Silver
  • Bud Sparhawk
  • Ferrett Steinmetz



Linking to the Database

If you want to link to a panelist schedule or a specific item, you can link directly to the database to display the current information.

  1. Go to: Participants page.
  2. Look up a participant and click on their name.
  3. Copy the URL to their participant detail page.
  4. Paste the link to a Website or click on one of the handy social media buttons on the right to post it directly to a social media site.

To link to a specific item on the schedule:

  1. Scroll through the schedule and click on an item to display its detail card.
  2. Copy the URL for the item detail page, for example:
  3. Paste the link to a Website or click on one of the handy social media buttons on the right to post it directly to a social media site.

Pre-Con Activities

If you’re at the con early, we need help Monday afternoon, all day Tuesday and Wednesday for set-up. Go into the Convention Center and follow the signs for Hall D or MIMO (Move In-Move Out).

There are two other Sasquan-related activities going on before the con formally opens:

  • Tuesday afternoon from 4-6, there will be a Sasquan Reception at the downtown branch of the Spokane Library, 906 West Main St. (about 5 blocks from the Convention Center).
  • Wednesday from 10:30-3:15, the Inland Northwest Blood Center will run a bloodmobile at the Convention Center. Our members gave 44 pints on Wednesday (which was excellent!) so the blood center asked to come back on Friday. They collected another 23 pints with very little notice. Thanks very much for our fannish blood donors.



Statistics for Mobile App & Web Schedule, Late July-Late August 2015

Mobile App


Web Schedule




Quick Reference for Online Signup for Kaffee Klatches

For many years, conventions have used signup sheets at Information for items like Kaffee Klatches, Literary Beers and some workshops. Now that most people have computers, we’ve moved signups more online.

We have signups for items that need to limit the number of attendees. People with attending Sasquan members can sign up online for:

  • Kaffee Klatches
  • Literary Beers
  • Pub Crawls
  • Some Costume Workshops (Make Your Own Dragon Wings/Make Your Own Fairy Wings)
  • SpoCon Presents: Pitch Sessions
  • SpoCon Presents: Round Robin Sessions
  • Gaming: Star Fleet Battle Miniature Sanctioned Tournament

But even if you don’t have Web access, there will be some slots available for at-con signup, and the signup sheets will still be at Information (Hall D/Riverside Lobby) on the day before the item.

Before you register for items online, have handy:

  • The name you used when you registered for Sasquan.
  • The E-mail address you used when you registered for Sasquan.
  • Your Sasquan membership number.

Remember, since these items are only for people who can attend Sasquan, you must have an attending membership to sign up for an item.

This information is available in the mail you received on 7/28 titled “Hugo Award Voting Closes THIS Friday, July 31 at 11:59 pm PDT!” You may not need this information to register, but it helps to have it available in case you do, particularly if you regularly use multiple versions of your name or multiple E-mail addresses.

  1. To register for online signup, go to:
  2. In the upper right corner of the screen, you’ll see “Log In.” Click on “Log in” to display the “Login with” screen:registrationlogin
  3. You can select a social media account to sign up for a Sasquan sign up account or select the “Sign up” link near the bottom of the page.Note: The E-mail address for the social media account must match the E-mail address you registered for Sasquan with.registrationlogin2
  4. Select the Program link at the top to display the schedule for the con.showsignupitemsbefore
  5. Select a day (remember, there are no signup items on Wednesday) click the checkbox for displaying signup required items near the top of the page.showsignupthur
  6. Click on a Kaffee Klatche (or whatever) to select it and click the Sign Up button on the right to sign up for the item.
  7. You will receive an E-mail when you successfully sign up for an item or when you remove yourself from an item.

You can also register for online for items using the iPhone Grenadine app.
Online registration via the Android app is currently not available.

Click the signup required checkbox near the top of the page to see items enabled for online signup. Click on a Kaffee Klatche (or whatever) to select it and click the Sign Up button on the right to sign up for the item. Remember, KKs and Literary Beers do not start until Thursday. You will receive an E-mail when you successfully sign up for an item or when you remove yourself from an item.

The software can prevent you from signing up for multiple items at the same time. However, it doesn’t prevent you from signing up for many items per day. Please be fair to other members and do not sign up for or wait list for more than 2 Kaffee Klatches, Literary Beers or Pub Crawls per day (8 total for the con). Management will review signups periodically and if you’ve signed up or waitlisted for more than 2 of these per day, we will delete your excess signups. You still may be able to sign up for items in person. The signup sheets will be at Information the day before the item (Thursday signup sheets will be out on Wednesday and so on).

Online signups will be available until the day before the items occur. Online signup for Thursday will be available until 6am on Wednesday, online signup for Friday will be available until 6am on Thursday and so on.

Kids cannot sign up for Kaffee Klatches or Literary Beers. Teens with YA memberships may sign up for Kaffee Klatches but not for Literary Beers. Kids aged 10 and up may signup for the Battle Fleet Miniature Tournement.

Known Problems

If you’ve changed your E-mail address since you registered for the con, you will need to update your E-mail address with Registration before signing up for anything online.

If you’re a panelist and the name you’re using as a panelist is different from the name you registered under, register for online signup using your panelist (published) name.

The database expects a unique member name and a unique E-mail address. Be sure your E-mail address is assigned only to you.

If you tried and failed using one of the social media-related logins or had trouble logging in using your mobile app, try using the Web login Don’t use a social media account in case your name or E-mail address is different from the name/address you used to register for Sasquan with. Press Log in, then Sign Up under the Log in button to bypass the social media logins. Fill in your name and address as you used to register for Sasquan. See the Hugo mail sent to you on 7/28 for the exact name and E-mail Sasquan has for you.

If you’ve reviewed the Sasquan E-mail mentioned above, tested various versions of your name and address and still can’t sign up online for a Kaffee Klatche or other type of item, E-mail



Signup Statistics Report

We had 433 members signup online for 124 different items.