Participant Overview

Events and Program Participants

Here are the people who will be participating in Sasquan Program and Events

Guests of Honor

Brad Foster
David Gerrold
Vonda N. McIntyre
Tom Smith
Leslie Turek

Special Guest

Dr. Kjell Lindgren


Hugo Ceremony Co-MCs

Tananarive Due
David Gerrold

Hugo Ceremony Pre-Show/Post-Show
​Warren Frey
Steven Schapansky

Masquerade MC

Kevin Roche

Participant Info

Our list of Program participants contains links to photos, biographies and social media sites when the participant supplied that information (click the icon beside the name for more information). Thanks very much to Henry Balen for implementing this handy tool on this Website, and to John Harvey who implemented something similar for Loncon. And thanks to Scribblenauts for their very fannish beanie graphic.

Note: Please be sure that your E-mail account can accept E-mail from and Some number of our Program invitations seem to have been caught by spam filters. Invitations sent last fall are now being mailed out manually which takes time. You will also do MidAmeriCon 2 (next year’s Worldcon) a favor if you define as a domain you can accept E-mail from.