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Sasquan Program will have all kinds of special activities for children 6-12 and for teens (young adults) who have Sasquan memberships.

In addition Sasquan Children’s Program, SpoCon Presents will run a kid’s item (Building Nil: Children’s Garbage Art Workshop) over in the Doubletree Grand Balloon Salon IV, Saturday 9am-11am.

For your convenience, we’ve also included Childcare information on this page.


Children’s Program – CC 206BCD & 207

Our Children’s Program is designed for children ages 6-12 and their parents. Some items are suitable for older kids and teenagers who are welcome. We have a program for the full weekend involving art, crafts, games, science, magic, story-telling and music, and a bit of space for children to enjoy. These activities allow kids to have their own convention time, We will have a ribbon system in place for parents to determine children who can come and go (Green Comets) and children who must be with a parent/responsible adult attached (Red Satellites).

Children’s Program is not a child-minding service; it is Worldcon programming for kids. Childcare is available thru KiddeCorp and must be scheduled ahead of time.

Younger children are welcome in the continual company of their parents. We will have chairs available in both rooms so parents can have a moment of peace.

Children attending Children’s Program must be registered with Sasquan, either with a Child’s Attending Membership or with a Kids-in-Tow membership which requires them to constantly be in the company of a parent or responsible adult. Parents must pick up the badges for their children at Registration before bringing them to Children’s Program.


We will be closed most days from noon-2 pm each day so that our children and staff can have lunch (we are not allowed to have food in the Convention Center that hasn’t been purchased in the Convention Center). Please pick up your child promptly at noon for lunch and 5 pm for dinner; note we close at 4 pm on Wednesday and Sunday.

  • Wednesday noon-4 pm (let us know whether you will pick up your child in 206BCD by 4pm or will meet your child for the Procession to the Park from 100B (at the end of Opening Ceremonies). Activities at First Night in the Park are family-friendly – music, games, food trucks!).
  • Thursday 10 am-noon, 2-5 pm
  • Friday, 10 am-noon, 2-5 pm, 7-Masquerade Halftime (9:30/10 pm)
  • Saturday, 10 am-noon, 2-5 pm, 7-end of the Hugo Ceremony (9:30/10 pm)
  • Sunday, 10 am-noon, 2-4 pm


Young Adult – Teen Lounge Doubletree Grand Ballroom Salon II

The Young Adult program is building an exciting selection of panels, workshops, and activities for Sasquan’s teens, as well as young-at-heart members. From dystopias to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, zombies, fandom, Girl Genius and horror, our YA panels have something for everyone, plus workshops and panels on writing young adult fiction. Panelists include Kate Elliott, Dan Wells, Marissa Meyer and other fabulous authors in science fiction, fantasy, horror and more.

Teens attending Sasquan must have an attending membership and must pick up their badges before visiting the lounge or attending Program.

Childcare – Doubletree, 12th Floor

Childcare capacity is limited and we urge parents to book all childcare hours in advance where possible, so we can ensure adequate staffing and service.

KiddieCorp is now accepting bookings directly from Sasquan members at this link:

KiddieCorp’s service will be available to all children aged 12 or under as of the start of the convention. Child memberships costing $90 are available for all children in this age group and include 8 hours of free childcare. Alternatively, a total of 8 hours of free childcare is included with Family Memberships. Additional hours are then chargeable at a rate of $10 per hour per child. Children under 6 can attend the convention as Kids­in­Tow without paying a membership fee, but will not receive any free childcare and will therefore need to pay the $10 per hour charge for all childcare hours that they use.

Please note that your children must be registered with the convention (whether with Child/Family memberships or as Kids­in­Tow) before they can be booked into the KiddieCorp service.

The childcare service will be located in the Doubletree, which is connected to the Convention Center. We have included evening services on Friday and Saturday to enable parents to attend the parties as well as Masquerade and/or Hugo Award Ceremony. Please note that children can only receive a maximum of 10 hours of childcare on any single day. The childcare service will be available during the following hours (subject to change):

Wednesday 8/19: 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM  
Thursday 8/20: 9.30 AM – 6:00 PM
Friday 8/21: 9.30 AM – Midnight
Saturday 8/22: 9.30 AM – Midnight
Sunday 8/23: 9.30 AM – 3:00 PM

Places are limited and will be allocated on a first­ come, first­ served basis, so please book well in advance.

If you have any questions about childcare services, please contact the Childcare Staff.