Costume Program

Costume Program

Costume Program looks forward to having a variety of panels and workshops covering topics that you do not typically see at Worldcons as well as some favorite panels.

Costume Program focuses on workshops and demonstrations, so you can leave Sasquan with new skills and understanding that you can apply to future costumes, garments, and wearable art. Of course, we will also have panels, too.

No costume-related topic area is going to be left uncovered if it can be helped. We have lots of interesting topics and people in the works.

One item of note will be the Masquerade Show and Tell, which will be Saturday afternoon. People who competed in the Masquerade the night before will bring in their costumes, so you can see them up close. They may even tell you how they did a technique or made a particular item.

Costume will run panels and workshops up on the second floor in the 200 rooms (up the stairs, across from Second Stage (100B)). Many Costume panels will take place in 206A. Many Costume workshops will take place in 202C, a space where people are going to be learning, constructing, and making costume related items. Do not bring food or drinks into the Costume Workshop room. Make sure your hands are clean before entering 202C.