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This page contains the latest media releases from Sasquan as well as information about obtaining press credentials.

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Press Guidelines

If you are interested in obtaining press credentials at Sasquan, the 73rd World Science Fiction Convention please read the guidelines below and then fill in the online press registration form.

A press pass for Sasquan will be issued ONLY to members of the media and their immediate supporting staff (producers, photographers, sound personnel, etc.).

Your press credentials must be issued from an established media outlet that can be verified (e.g., photo ID with the source).

Press credentials issued by organizations for a freelancer working on spec, such as Society of Professional Journalists, National Press Photographers Association, and the American Society of Media Photographers will also be accepted.

A letter on letterhead, signed by an editor or the like, from a newspaper, magazine, or other media organization, is acceptable.

For press credentials to be issued to bloggers and podcasters, the blog or podcast must be on topic (or potentially so) and must be submitted for review through the press registration form by July 15th, 2015. The sites must have been established for at least six months. LiveJournal and Facebook blogs will not count towards professional credentials, nor will amateur sites created for the express purpose of attending the convention.

For any questions about press credentials at Sasquan, please contact

A final word: Please be respectful of fans, artists, editors, and writers you encounter. As a journalist, you should be aware that SF fans have either received or been the targets of negative notices in the media in the past. Occasionally you may be rebuffed for interview requests or encounter some hostility yourself. We will try to mediate and resolve any disputes you may have during the convention. Please contact the Sasquan office immediately if this occurs.

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If you would like press accreditation at Sasquan, the 73rd World Science Fiction Convention, we ask that you submit the following information. Please take note of our press guidelines.

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