Neutrality Policy

Sasquan will be administering a four-way race for Site Selection in 2015 for the 2017 Worldcon. With such a contested race, the hosting convention needs to strictly respect official neutrality.

What this means is that when members of the Sasquan committee speak or act officially on behalf of the convention no preference can be shown to any bid. Examples include no postings by bids on our website or official social media outlets, a neutral tone in all press releases and posts regarding bidders, and accepting ads from any bidder. For example, it is fair to post facts like “Mars in 2017 just filed their paperwork.” but “Alpha Centauri in 2017 threw an awesome party at MilkyWayCon” is not acceptable.

For most of the Business and Finance (B&F) team, what individuals say or do outside of the official channels is up to them. Linda Deneroff (WSFS DH), Joni Dashoff (Site Selection) and Glenn Glazer (Vice-Chair) have already agreed that for them and whoever we choose as agents, they must remain personally neutral as well as officially neutral.

Clarification 1: Sasquan concom (except agents, site selection, WSFS DH and Vice-Chair) can be part of a 2017 bid, but must be clear about when they are speaking as themselves versus when they are speaking for the con. All official communication channels should strive for equality and neutrality.

Clarification 2: Attending parties is not a problem, serving food or manning bid tables is for the specified concom listed above.

Clarification 3: WSFS and Promotions staff and myself should either wear no bid ribbons (or t-shirts or buttons or similar) or a complete set from all bids. Same for presupporting bids.

If there are concerns or questions of what is or isn’t neutral, please don’t hesitate to email Glenn using the info button below.

Glenn Glazer
Vice-Chair, Business & Finance