Membership FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about membership and registration.

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Q: Where do I pick up my membership badge?
A: Pick up your membership badge from Registration area in Hall D of the Spokane Convention Center (SCC) near the opening to Hall A. Bring your membership number and photo ID.



Q: When is registration open?
A: Registration hours are listed on the At-con rates page



Q: Can I change my badge name and registration information?
A: Yes. They will ask what name you want on your badge at Registration when you pick it up in Hall D.  At that time you can also make changes to address, email, or other information on file.



Q: Can I upgrade from one status (like Supporting) to a higher one (like Attending) at the door?
A: Yes. You will get a discount for the amount paid for the lower status to the higher (such as $40 discount for trading your Supporting to Attending).



Q: I can’t attend. Can I get a refund?
A: We can not offer direct refunds. Memberships may be transferred to other persons. See other questions below for info on selling and transferring a membership.

Likewise, other reservation fees [art show panels, dealer tables, etc.] will not be refunded, but may be transferred with the approval of the departmental manager.



Q: How do I transfer my membership to someone else?
  1. Email the transfer request from the email address of the member already registered (Transferer) to the person the membership is being transferred to (Transferee). (This email must match the email on record.)
  2. Include the Transferer’s name and membership number, along with Transferee’s name and land mail address.
  3. The Transferee must then print the transfer request email and bring it to Registration with photo ID.
  4. Do not send email to Registration.



Q: Where can I post a membership for sale?
A: In the past people have used social media, including the convention Facebook page, to sell memberships, especially at the early lower rates to newer members. You can also try posting to Twitter with the Sasquan hashtag.