Help Wanted

Sasquan wants you to join our team. Please submit our volunteer form to let us know what you’re good at and what you’d like to help with. We have a number of positions we could use help with to make this a great convention. Look at this list and see if there’s anything you’d like to help us with:

Division Positions Job Description
Publications Newsletter Newsletter Reporters and Photographers needed.
Events Processions Coordinator
We need one or two people (who can work together) to select themes for, advertise, organize, and walk small processions or parades from just outside the Convention Center through the Park once or twice a day throughout the convention.  This is an Area Head position and works directly with the Division Head and Deputy Division Heads.  Themes have been and will continue to be collected.  Final selections will be made in cooperation with the Division Head.  The Coordinator will select and walk the path and insure that the participants enjoy the walk and attract attention to passersby, in only the most positive way!, in the Park.
Events Audio Theatre Hosts
This track will showcase sci-fi recordings from the Golden age of Radio to present day. We’re looking for people to put in a few hours playing DCs, take notes on attendance and make announcements.
Events Cabaret Performers
We are looking for singers, magicians, jugglers, story tellers, comedians, performers of all kinds, and interesting science topics.  Entertainment must be PG-13 (or milder) at all times as members of all ages are welcome to come in and sit a while. Performances should be between 5 and 15 minutes only and have a minimal amount of setup.
Events Film Festival Room Supervisors
Volunteers needed to supervise the Film Festival room in four-hour shifts. Some computer skills needed – films placed on computer play list. Great for lovers of independent films.
Events First Night – Performers, Organizers, and Set-Up Crew
First Night is Sasquan’s Big Event for Wednesday evening. We’re looking for performers, organizers and a set up crew to help pull together the biggest outdoor Worldcon party ever!
Events Masquerade – Registration Desk Personnel, Rehearsal Wranglers, Green Room Den Leader, Check-In Clerk
The Masquerade needs Registration Desk Personnel, Rehearsal Wranglers, Green Room Den Leader, a Check-In Clerk and a few other jobs.
Events Event Ushers
Ushers needed for the Hugos, the Masquerade, Opening and Closing Ceremonies and various other events.
Exhibits Cabaret Hosts
Guinan’s Place, our space-port bar, lounge and cabaret, needs hosts. People persons who want a basically fun volunteer position, please apply. Someone has to stand in for the innkeeper when she’s away, so we are looking for people to welcome folks, keep an eye on things, make sure people clean up after themselves and generally see that the joint runs smoothly (and if things don’t, can call in the right people to fix things). The tasks involve some walking around and making sure everything is ok, but most of the time you’ll be free to sit and socialize with friends old and new, so it’s a great way to meet people.
Exhibits Art Show – Set-Up Crew, Art Hanging, Registration, Tear-Down Crew
Art Show – Volunteers needed for set-up, hanging mail-in art, helping artists with registration, packing up unsold art and tear-down.
Exhibits Hall-C Pegboard Maven/Vice-Maven(s)
Hall-C Exhibits needs a Pegboard Maven (and maybe a couple of vice-mavens) during MIMO. We have lots of peg-board flats that need to be hooked together in various configurations. We’re looking for people who are reasonably handy, reasonably good at instructing people (since we’ll call for volunteers when needed), and reasonably good at looking at the floor plan and putting things up in accordance with it.
Exhibits Wayfinding
Monday and Tuesday we will need people to help us assemble and distribute the “road signs” that we are using to make it easier for people to find their way around. Literacy and common sense required.
Program Children’s Programming
Want to see Worldcon from a younger point of view? Come play with us in Children’s Programming – there will be plenty going on from making things, to discussions, to playing games. Enjoy being a kid again!
Program Kaffeeklatsches – Sign-Up Table and Kaffeeklatsch Hosts
We need volunteers to help with the sign-up table and hosts for individual kaffeeklatsches.
Program Art Program Panel Set-Up
Volunteers needed  Tuesday and Wednesday for panel set up. Work is possibly messy, but no heavy lifting required.
Program Costume Program Panel Set-Up
Volunteers needed Tuesday and Wednesday for panel set up. Work is possibly messy, but no heavy lifting required.
Program Graphic Designer
Volunteer needed with good design skills to tweak the default mobile app design for Worldcon. It’ll mostly be tweaking colors to make our mobile app look more like our Website. It may include making suggestions back to the developer to improve the mobile app.
Operations Truck Loaders – Seattle
Volunteers needed Saturday before con in Seattle to load trucks headed to convention site.
Operations Truck Unloaders – Spokane
Volunteers needed Tuesday pre-con to unload trucks with Sasquan supplies.
Operations Truck Directors
Two volunteers are needed Tuesday pre-con to direct Dealers and Exhibitors unloading wares.
Operations Truck Loaders – Spokane
Volunteers needed Sunday and Monday after con to load Sasquan supplies into trucks.
Operations Truck Unloaders – Seattle
Volunteers needed Tuesday after con to unload Sasquan supplies from trucks in Seattle.
Tech Audio Designer
Tech is looking for a volunteer to work as an audio designer before and during the convention.
Tech A/V Coordinator
Tech is looking for a volunteer to work as an A/V coordinator before and during the convention.
Tech At Con Volunteers – Sound, Lighting, and Video
Tech is looking for volunteers with sound, lighting, and video experience for work starting Tuesday before the convention until the final day of the convention.
Services Information Desk
We’re looking for friendly people who are good at reading schedules and maps, giving directions and answering questions politely. The more, the merrier!
Services Off-Site Tour Manager
We’re looking for a pre-con volunteer to coordinate with local tour vendors and attractions and to manage tour sign-ups at con.
Services Giveaways to Members
Two volunteers needed to inform publishers and studios about how to send materials to Sasquan, arrange for the storage and delivery of items, plan distribution and dispose of leftovers after the convention.
Services Disposal Unit
Two volunteers needed to manage disposal of supplies, equipment and furniture purchased by the convention. Volunteers needed for at con and post convention work.
Finance Treasury Staff
Six experienced staff for at convention Treasury work. Volunteers should have references and experience working treasury at other convention.

And that’s not all. For a complete list of the convention jobs that we have available, please look at our committee list page. Every job listed there that has a title with no person listed next to it is a job that we’d like to fill.

Our volunteer team will work with interested people to match skills and interests to positions that we need. (So we’re not exactly going on first-come, first-served, though the sooner you can let us know you’re available, the more likely we can get you in one of the jobs you most prefer.) Please contact our if you have more questions; please contact individual division heads (just click one of the buttons on the committee list page) if you have questions about a specific role.


Working on the convention is one of the best ways to know what’s going on and have access to the activities you’re most interested in. It’s also a great way to learn things, meet people, and apply skills that you might not use in a mundane job. Worldcon is the most comprehensive and intensive activity of fandom, with a much greater quality of event than any local convention or pop-culture event can offer, and helping make the Worldcon happen is the distilled essence of the whole experience. You’ll have a great time if you join us. So jump on our volunteer form and tell us how you would like to help us. We look forward to hearing from you!