Great Discworld Fan Gathering at Sasquan

North American Discworld Guilds have been invited to organize and host DW fan meets at Sasquan and these include:

The Seamstress Guild (famous for its parties, it has many decorators, costumers and performers among its members), the Alchemists (our science minds), the Cunning Artificers (arts & crafts), Discworld Musicians and Singers (for filking and other fun), Engravers & Printers (our writers and editors), the Dark Clerks (folks who like to organize both paper and people behind the scenes), our fabulous Bakers (lovers of food and drink who may be leading some of our pub crawls), the Witches & Wizards (cunning women and men who love history, myth, and folklore), various DW Family Groups, the Black Ribboners (DW folks in recovery), and more.

The North American Seamstress Guild will be hosting its famous parties at this convention, and a Discworld exhibit will be mounted in the convention’s Exhibition Room. Discworld fans are invited to submit their art to the Sasquan Art Show, and costumers should consider entering the famous Worldcon Costume Masquerade.

The Programming and Events departments are working with notable fans and attendees from around the world to create a fascinating Discworld-themed track for fans.

It’s going to be a well-organized convention and one heck of a party. We hope to see you there.

D. J. Connell
writing for the Great Discworld Fan Gathering at Sasquan

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    If i had close to a thousand elephants to donate, where should I send them?

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