Committee List


If you wish to contact a member of the committee, you may to the left of their name.


Chair In Memoriam
Bobbie DuFault
Sally Woehrle
Pierre Pettinger
      Vice-Chair Assistant
Sandy Pettinger
Glenn Glazer
Mike Willmoth
      Vice-Chair Assistant
Jean Goddin
    Chair Staff
Alex von Thorn
      Legal Advisor
Katharine Bond
      Senior Technical Adviser
Gibbitt Rhys-Jones
      Theme Advisor
Jerry Gieseke
Pat Porter
        CVB Transportation

        In Memoriam
Steven Silver

Front of House

Pierre Pettinger
        SFWA/ASFA Liaison


Events Division

Jill Eastlake
      Events Deputy Division Head
David D'Antonio
            Events Staff
Bridget Boyle
            Events Staff
Donald E. Eastlake III
            Events Staff
Heidi Stevenson
Cathleen Myers
James Myers
        First Night
Dave Weingart
          First Night Deputy Area Head
Megan Frank
            First Night Staff
John Cholewa
            First Night Staff
Fred Isaacs
            First Night Staff
Suli Isaacs
            First Night Staff
Rachel Kory
            First Night Staff
Pablo Vasquez
        House Manager
Seth Breidbart
Adam Beaton
            Hugo Ceremony Booklet
Lynda Manning-Schwartz
            Hugo Ceremony Staff
Megan Frank
            Hugo Ceremony Staff
Crystal Huff
            Hugo Ceremony Stage Manager
Christian Gill
            Pre-Hugo Reception
Eva Whitley
Mary Dumas
Sharon Sbarsky
            Masquerade Master of Ceremonies
Kevin Roche
            Masquerade Stage Manager
Michael Rafferty
            Repair Table Lead
Tina Connell
          Stage Crew Manager
Chris O'Halloran
            Stage Crew
Morris Keesan
            Stage Crew
Lori Meltzer
          Masquerade Green Room
Byron Connell
            Den Mom
Ann Totusek
        Media Events
Nat Saenz
            Anime Theater
Shelley Martin
            Cartoon Theater
Tom Safer
            Media: Anime Consultant
Mary Dumas
            Audio Theater
Petrea Mitchell
            Trailer Park
Keith Johnson
        Official Photographer: Candid Shots
John O'Halloran
        Official Photographer: Posed Shots
Olav Rokne
            Official Photographer Staff
Amanda Wakaruk
        Opening & Closing Ceremonies
Debi Chowdhury
            Opening & Closing Ceremonies Staff
Sarah Norton

Exhibits Division

Randy Smith
      Exhibits Deputy Division Head
Sarah Goodman
Kerry Kuhn
          Art Show Deputy
Roberta Rice
            Art Show Staff
Ellen Eades
            Art Show Staff
Rose Wilson
            Art Show Staff
Scott Zrubek
            Artist Alley
Tomi Welch
Angela Jones-Parker
          Dealers Room Deputy
Sally Kobee
            Dealers Room Staff
Holly Forbis
        Discworld Exhibit
Patricia Panek
            Discworld Exhibit Staff
Mike Carambat
        Fanzine Lounge
Randy Byers
            Fanzine Lounge Staff
Tom Becker
            Fanzine Lounge Staff
Andy Hooper
            Fanzine Lounge Staff
Jerry Kaufman
            Fanzine Lounge Staff
Ulrika O'Brien
            Fanzine Lounge Staff
Suzanne Tompkins
        Fan History Exhibit
Chris Garcia
        Fan Tables

Rob Stewart
        Gaming Tournaments

        Guest of Honor Exhibits
Jessica Guggenheim

        Special Exhibits

        Teen Lounge

        WSFS Exhibit


Program Division

Laurie Mann
        Database - Grenadine
Henry Balen
Jim Mann
            Program Operations
Perrianne Lurie
            Program Operations
Michael Nelson
            Program Operations Staff
Priscilla Olson
            Program Operations Staff
Beth Zipser
            Program Operations Staff
Mike Zipser
Carolina Gómez Lagerlöf
Bill Higgins
Crystal Huff
Ronald Oakes
Jeff Olhoeft
Steven Silver
Pablo Vasquez
        Space Czar
Elizabeth McCarty
Char MacKay
        Guest Relations
Randy MacKay
            Guest Liaison
Laura Domitz
            Guest Liaison
Deb Lentz
            Guest Liaison
Tom Lentz

Mo Starkey
Tim Szczesuil
Persis Thorndike
Carole Parker
        Craft Corner
Astrid Bear
Dick Smith
Leah Zeldes Smith
          Fan Program
Cy Chauvin
        Game Shows/Improv

Rodger Burns
Melanie Herz
        Literary Beers
Paul Carpentier
        Maker Activities
Inez Gowsell
Lynn Gold
        Pub Crawl
Tim Martin
        Reading for the Future

Jordin Kare
Mary Kay Kare
        Stroll with the Stars
Stu Segal
        Writing Workshops
Adrienne Foster
        Young Adult Program
Hannah Jones
            Young Adult Program Assistant
Erin Underwood
            Young Adult Program Staff
Sydnie Krause

Tech Division

Larry Schroeder
      Tech Deputy Division Head
Greykell Dutton
      Tech Deputy Division Head
Liana Olear


Glenn Glazer

Finance Division

Bruce Farr
      Finance Deputy Division Head
Allison Hershey
            Treasury Staff
Lea Farr
            Treasury Staff
Peter de Weerdt
Lisa Deutsch Harrigan
        Budget Advisor
Ben Yalow
        Cash Office

Elayne Pelz
          Registration Asst.
Dave Cantor
            Registration Staff
Gary Agin
            Registration Staff
Crystal Bolster
            Registration Staff
Jeffrey Cornish
            Registration Staff
John Day
            Registration Staff
Hollt Doyne
            Registration Staff
David Guon
            Registration Staff
Robert Klein
            Registration Staff
Sue McCormack
            Registration Staff
Christian McGuire
            Registration Staff
Mark Richards
            Registration Staff
Shirley Runyon
            Registration Staff
Marti Sterin
            Registration Staff
Drew Wolfe

Promotions & Publicity Division

Tom Whitmore
      Promotions Deputy Division Head
Chris Marble
        Advertising Purchase

        Advertising Sales


            Australian Agent
Alan Stewart
            Japan/Asia Agent
Tamie Inoue
            UK/Europe Agent
Paul Dormer
William Sadorus
        Fan Tables
Joyce Lloyd
            Canadian Agent

        Local Promotion

        Mailing Lists
Sharon Sbarsky
            Mailing Lists Server
Joel Lord
            Mailing List Staff
Rick Kovalcik

        Sales to Members
Barb VanTilburg
Marah Searle-Kovacevic
            Social Media Adviser
Megan Frank
David Gallaher
        Style Guide

Alex von Thorn
            Graphic Designer
Courtney Larsen
            Online Restaurant Guide
Cherise Kelley
            Online Staff Support
Jerry Gieseke
            Website Staff
Marsha Glassner
            Web Content
Judith Herman
            Wiki User Support
Rick Moen

Publications Division

Guy Lillian
        Mobile App


            Newsletter Staff
Cherise Kelley
        Pocket Program

        Program Book

        Progress Reports #1, #2
Warren Buff
        Progress Report #3
Megan Frank
        Progress Report #4
Meredith Branstad
        Restaurant Guide
Cherise Kelley

WSFS Division

Linda Deneroff
Kevin Standlee
            Business Meeting Deputy
Jared Dashoff
Linda Deneroff
Jesi Pershing
Lisa Hayes
John Lorentz
        Hugo Administrator
Ruth Sachter
Joni Dashoff
            Site Selection Database Admin
Steve Staton
            Site Selection Staff
Judith Bemis
        Hugo Web Application
Ronald Oakes

Back of House

Mike Willmoth
      Vice-Chair Assistant
Jean Goddin
            Back of House Staff
Kathryn Yeager
Shell Gosztyla

Convention Center Division

Sean McCoy
      Convention Center Deputy
Dave Doering
        Decorator Liaison
Chip Hitchcock
Chip Hitchcock
        Loading Dock
Pat Porter

Facilities Division

Gene Armstrong
      Facilities Deputy Division Head
Dawn Chronister

Gibbitt Rhys-Jones

Hospitality Division

Marah Searle-Kovacevic
      Hospitality Deputy Division Head

        Con Suite
Joel Phillips
        Food Trucks

        Green Room
Lisa Hagar
        Hugo Losers Party 2014
Marah Searle-Kovacevic
        Staff Den
Alice Hescox
            Staff Den Staff
LaMont Jones
            Staff Den Staff
Mitzi Jones
        Worldcon Chairs Party


Operations Division

Robbie Bourget
John Harold
        IT Infrastructure

Pat Porter
            Logistics Staff
Eric Pawtowski
          Offsite Storage & Shipments
Gordon Duane


Services Division

Becky Thomson
      Services Deputy
Bobbi Armbruster
Bill Thomasson
            Accessibility Staff
William "Scratch" Bacharach
            Accessibility Staff
Helen Gbala
            Accessibility Staff
Christopher Hatton
            Accessibility Staff
Lenore Jean Jones
            Accessibility Staff
Tanya Washburn
        Child Care
Lisa Garrison-Ragsdale

        Info Desk
Cathy Mullican
Tom Veal
            Pre-Con Info Staff
Tom Hanlon
Sean Thomson
          Office Deputy
Dave Ratti
            Office Staff
Patrick Eddy
            Office Staff
Lee Shephard
Rick Kovalcik
Sharon Pierce
          Ribbons Assistant
Kerry Kuhn
Rick Bligh
        Sign Shop
Vickie Bligh
        Volunteers (At-Con)
Steve Harmon
          Volunteers (At-Con) Assistant
Beck Prigot
Louise Kleba

Convention News
Davenport Hotel becoming Marriott Autograph Collection
19 Sep 2014
July 10, 2014 — Spokane,WA Worthy’s Davenport Hotel Collection Franchises with Marriott’s Autograph Collection It was announced July 10 that the four iconic hotels from the Davenport Hotel Collection…(more)
Sasquan Hotel Availability Update
18 Sep 2014
There are rooms open at the DoubleTree. You can right now book August 20-23. You can then contact the Housing Bureau to request adding dates before and after your booked reservation. This is the process which…(more)
Remembering Bobbie, one year later
15 Sep 2014
Our friend and mentor Bobbie DuFault passed away one year ago, peacefully in her sleep, on September 14, 2013. Bobbie was a leader in Northwest fandom, being involved with Rustycon, Norwescon, and other activities.…(more)
Housing Bureau opens for Sasquan members on September 16
13 Sep 2014
Spokane, 12 Sept 2014 As of 8am Pacific Time on Tuesday, September 16, Sasquan members may start making hotel reservations using the housing bureau link which will appear at This early…(more)
The Moon and the Sun — The Film
09 Sep 2014
Paramount has acquired rights for distribution of the period fantasy adventure “The Moon and the Sun” slotting it for an April 10, 2015 release. Members of the ensemble cast are Pierce Brosnan as King Louis…(more)
Many Generations, All Fandom
29 Aug 2014
David Gerrold posted this to Facebook on August 26; we liked his comment so much we are reposting it here (with his permission):   Yesterday’s opinion piece from the daily dot comparing Nine Worlds…(more)
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