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Announcing the Sasquan Cabaret!

We are excited to be hosting a Cabaret watering hole and bar as part of Sasquan’s Exhibits in Hall C throughout the convention. Drop in and sample a bit of space, some local beer at the bar, and/or share your talent on a cozy cabaret stage with a friendly audience.

But we need your help!

We need some folks to host the area to ensure that the seating is right, the shows are set, and the lines aren’t long.

We are hoping to have performances a few times throughout the day and evening by singers, magicians, jugglers, story tellers, comedians, other performers of all kinds, and occasionally the presentation of an interesting science topic. Entertainment must be PG-13 (or milder) at all times, as members of all ages will be welcome to come in and sit a while.

Contact us to sign up in advance to help us by hosting the bar for a few hours, or to show your stuff.

Upcoming membership sale!

If you (or someone you know) hasn’t bought their membership yet, Sasquan is offering a membership discount over the upcoming weekend. Attending memberships will be available for US$190 from Thursday, April 2 (12:01 AM Pacific) to mid-day Monday, April 6 (11:59 AM Pacific, 7:59 PM British local time). The reduced rate will be available through online registration at or in person at membership tables at Norwescon and Eastercon. This will be Sasquan’s last membership discount sale, so if you want a deal, this is the time to buy!