Publishers, conventions, bids, and others who would like to communicate with the membership of Sasquan are invited to advertise in our publications. Sasquan is committed to equal opportunity. Therefore, locations will be filled on a first come, first served basis. See our Neutrality Policy for more details.


It is imperative that our deadlines are met. Wherever possible, please provide us with your copy two weeks in advance of the stated deadline so we will have a buffer zone to work with you in case there is a problem.

Publication Reserve By Send Art By Payment by Publication Date
Souvenir book 15 June 2015 15 July 2015 19 August 2015 Mid-June


Rates for the Souvenir Book are:

Description Size (WxH) Pro (USD) Semi-Pro (USD) Fan (USD)
Full Page 7.5″x10.0″ $600 $300 $150
Half (horizontal) 7.5″x5.0″ $400 $200 $100
Half (vertical) 3.75″x10.0″ $400 $200 $100
Quarter (vertical) 3.75″x5.0″ $250 $120 $60
Quarter (horizontal) 7.5″x2.5″ $250 $120 $60
Eighth (horizontal) 10.0″x1.875″ $150 $60 $30
Inside Cover (color) 7.5″x10.0″ $750 $375 $200
Inside Back (color) 7.5″x10.0″ $750 $375 $200
back Cover (color) 7.5″x10.0″ $750 $375 $200


Pro – The professional rate applies to all commercial, for-profit organizations employing full time staff.
Semi-Pro – The semi-pro rate applies to businesses run part-time by their owner, small press publishers, charities and other groups promoting WSFS’ interests in literacy and science education.
Fan – The fan rate applies to all non-profit organizations with no salaried staff: fan-run conventions, clubs and fanzines.

Copy Submission


    1. File Type – We will only accept TIF or PDF files. Please do not send Word documents or JPG & GIF files.
    2. Image Resolution – Files should be at 300 dpi at 100% of their printed size.
    3. Line Art & Rasterized Text – Files should be 600 dpi at 100% of their printed size.
    4. Bleed – No Bleed.
    5. Color – All color graphics should be saved in CMYK format.
    6. Black & White – All black and white graphics should be saved in GRAYSCALE.
    7. Images – All images in PDFs need to be embedded.
    8. Fonts – All fonts in PDFs needs to be embedded. Please use real typefaces. Do not use faux font settings.

NOTE: If we receive a file that does not meet these specifications, we might return it for another version. Failure to pay by the deadline means that your ad will not be run in the publication.

File Delivery

Please email files to Publications. Files should be no larger than 10 MB. If you need to send larger files, please contact us at the same email address to agree alternative delivery arrangements.