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One of the most exciting bonuses that Sasquan members got was the chance to view remarks made by our Special Guest, NASA astronaut Kjell Lindgren while aboard the International Space Station. A special thanks to Jill Eastlake for all of her work making arrangements with NASA and to Larry Schroeder, Syd Weinstein and the rest of the tech team for making this happen on the big screens in Spokane.

Note: The links lead to MOV format videos that should be automatically downloaded by your browser. You will need QuickTime or a similar program to view them.

Here is the video that was presented during Opening Ceremonies:

Kjell’s Welcome

This is a special tape for the Hugo Ceremony with Kjell’s introduction and then reading off all of the possibilities for winner, since the actual winner was not revealed prior to the Ceremony.

Reading the Nominees and Winners

Here is a little bonus joke for the Best Novel winner:

Best Novel Rocket

And lastly, here is his salute to Worldcon for the Closing Ceremonies:

Closing Video

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  1. Beverly says:

    wonderful! i guess next time we should send a clip up for the badge instead of the lanyard. I couldn’t help but to look around during his talk to see if i could spot the Tribble.

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