Sasquan Announces Record Participation in the 2015 Hugo Awards Voting

Sasquan is pleased to announce that it received a record­breaking 5,950 valid ballots for the 2015 Hugo Awards. 5,914 voters used the online voting system and 36 submitted paper ballots. The 5,950 total surpasses the vote total record for previous years (3,587 ballots, set by Loncon in 2014) by more than 65%.

More than 57% of the convention members eligible to vote cast ballots this year, making this the highest level of participation in Hugo Awards voting in the past decade.

Sasquan will announce the Hugo Awards winners Saturday, Aug. 22, at 8 p.m. at a ceremony hosted by authors Tananarive Due and David Gerrold.

Sasquan will stream the Hugo Awards ceremony live and free of charge at There will also be a text stream available on the Hugo Awards webpage at

Sasquan will release complete numbers on the voting through the Sasquan website at the conclusion of the Aug. 22 ceremony.

Online pre-registration for Sasquan is now closed, except for Supporting membership.

3 replies on “Sasquan Announces Record Participation in the 2015 Hugo Awards Voting”

  1. Leonard Hollar says:

    The streaming of the Hugo presentation will be at 8 PM in whose time zone?
    Or should be break out our Tardis’ to be sure to be able to see it?

    • JS says:

      General convention protocol is to announce times for events in the time zone of the location. That being Pacific Time for Sasquan.

      However, a TARDIS is almost always useful for many other reasons.

  2. Jody Dorsett says:

    This is a good thing.

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