Terry Pratchett, 1948-2015

Terry Pratchett’s death affects all of us here at Sasquan. Here’s a small memorial piece from one of our staff, former Worldcon chair Tom Whitmore:

A lot is going to be said about Sir Terry Pratchett, one of the great writers of our field — or any field. I want to take a moment to remember just how much he knew and liked his fans. Terry remembered people — ones he’d met once or twice, ones he saw regularly. He didn’t make a big thing of it, but he knew and appreciated them. In Seattle, he’d always call one of his fans, a young Goth, to the head of the signing line. He genuinely appreciated it when I made a joke interviewing him at the North American Discworld Convention in Arizona. When he was a guest at a con, he made himself available tirelessly. At Noreascon 4, when he was Guest of Honor, he was in the middle of fans the whole time; when the Seamstresses’ Guild threw a party for him at ConFrancisco, he laughed and joked through the whole thing. He was a treasure, and he treasured fandom. Fandom will miss him, and so will I.

Tom Whitmore
Publicity and Promotions, Sasquan

North American Discworld Fans Remember Sir Terry Pratchett
Sir Terry Pratchett, author (obituary in The Telegraph)

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  1. Dennis Caswell says:

    I had heard of Terry Pratchett before most fen. I remember meeting him at Noreascon III. He was sitting alone in the convention hall, and I made the comment that all he had to do was continue writing like he was doing. I also remember at an autograph session at the 1995 Worldcon, and when he had to move his autograph line, he commented that this was like being the pied piper.
    I know that he liked attending conventions. He will be missed.

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