New Hotel: The Grand!

Sasquan is please to announce the availability of hotel #5, the
Spokane Grand Hotel, part of the Davenport Collection now branded as
Marriott as of November 2014. Part of the room block went for
accessibility requests and to resolve outstanding extension requests
remaining from hotels #1-4. The remainder of the room block is open to
the public.

The Grand Hotel is finishing construction and will be ready for use
before Sasquan occurs. It will be attached to the Spokane Convention
Center to the southwest, or across the street from the INB Theater
which will host the Masquerade and Hugo Awards events. All rooms are
either single kings or double kings, with our room block about evenly
split between the two bed types, and all rooms have walk-in or roll-in
showers. The room rate will be the same as at the Davenport & Tower
Hotel. Shuttle and parking rates are the same as well.

In the meantime our Facilities Team is working on adding hotel #6 to
the list of contracted sites. We will post details as soon as we have
a signed contract.

If you have any questions about the new hotel, or have issues with our
housing bureau software, please contact our Housing Bureau so we can respond in a timely manner.

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