Sasquan Hotel Availability Update

  • There are rooms open at the DoubleTree. You can right now book August 20-23. You can then contact the to request adding dates before and after your booked reservation. This is the process which the hotel and housing bureau are requesting.
  • Demand for Tuesday, Wednesday (before), and Sunday (after) are running ahead of our initial contracts. The rooms are still actually unreserved and we are working with the housing bureau to make these rooms available to people who are making reservations. They are being added to our blocks in response to member requests.
  • The DoubleTree is not sold out, but it will be soon. Both Red Lions are close to the convention center and they are nice hotels. No one needs to worry about staying somewhere a long walk from the convention site.
  • The Davenport Hotel, our party hotel, is a beautiful and luxurious facility 990 yards (11 minutes at 3 mpg walk) from the convention site. For people who can’t or prefer not to want to walk, we are researching a shuttle service to run between hotels and the convention center; there hotels also have shuttles for hotel guests.
  • We have been in contact with several other hotels in the immediate area. Should there be demand, we have convenient options for overflow sites.
  • We are managing this process dynamically and incrementally, which means we are not going to add hundreds of rooms all at once. We are going to add hotel rooms over time to meet the actual demand.

    Please see the hotel reservation status for currrent information.

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