Remembering Bobbie, one year later

Our friend and mentor Bobbie DuFault passed away one year ago, peacefully in her sleep, on September 14, 2013.

Bobbie was a leader in Northwest fandom, being involved with Rustycon, Norwescon, and other activities. There had been efforts to bring a second Worldcon to the region previously, and Bobbie picked up the banner in 2002, starting a bid for the 2005 NASFiC, which was intended to be a launchpad for a future Worldcon. She chaired Cascadia Con, which was a great success, showing off the talents of the region’s authors, artists, and other creative people to a wider audience. In 2012, she chaired Westercon 65, again to bring together and connect the local fan and creative community to a wider audience. She also served as Program Division Head for Chicon 7, working with the global community of authors and other program participants to put together the Worldcon program. Bobbie and her crew of loyal friends and family played essential roles in representing the Spokane in 2015 Worldcon Bid during Renovation, Chicon, and LoneStarCon.

In SWOC and among Worldcon conrunners, we knew Bobbie as a convention organizer, but she touched many other circles in and outside fandom. She was a writer, an artist, an educator, a gamer. As a leader she trusted people, pushed them to accomplish more, and came to command the loyalty of many different circles of people. She was an organizer of Reading for the Future and was the author of Science Fiction and Fantasy in the Classroom, a reference for teachers.

A group of Bobbie’s friends and family gathered at her home in Gold Bar on Saturday for a memorial service in her honor. Many drinks and hugs and stories were shared. Our thoughts are especially with her husband Jerry, her son Pete, her daughter Tiffany, and others closest to her.

For some of us, our work on Sasquan is a way of honoring Bobbie. We invite all who knew her to join with us to help make the 2015 Worldcon a wonderful experience for everyone, to show off the kind of creativity and comradeship that Bobbie was known for. We remember Bobbie, and she would have wanted us to make more great memories at her convention.

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