Frederik Pohl, 1919-2013

The death of Frederik Pohl was reported by his granddaughter, Emily Pohl-Weary, on September 2.

Pohl had been active in the science fiction community as an author, editor, blogger, and fan for more than 75 years, following his first publication “Elegy to a Dead Satellite: Luna” in 1937. His novel Gateway won the Hugo and Nebula awards, and he was won other Hugo, Nebula, and other literary awards, including induction in to the Science Fiction Hall of Fame; he was named Grand Master by the Science Fiction Writers of America back in 1993. His blog “The Way the Future Blogs” won him a Hugo as Best Fan Writer in 2010, and his last blog post appeared on September 2, a couple hours before the announcement of his death. Pohl wrote dozens of novels during his lifetime, and also collaborated with Cyril M. Kornbluth, Jack Williamson, Lester Del Rey, Thomas T. Thomas, and Arthur C. Clarke. His career as an editor include Astonishing Stories and Super Science Fiction in the ’40s, later Galaxy Science Fiction, Worlds of If which won a Hugo award for Best Professional Magazine, and Worlds of Tomorrow, and then as acquisition editor for Bantam Books. Pohl was a regular participant in conventions, sharing his time and attention with fans and writers. He was a regular at conventions in the Chicago area in recent years.

Obituaries for Pohl at and Also see Pohl’s website and blog.

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